Toolkit for PHP with ADO.NET Data Services

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Toolkit for PHP with ADO.NET Data Services enables PHP developers to access data services created using ADO .NET Data Services framework.



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Continuous integration with [travis]([![Build Status](](* GNU build system (autoconf, automake, libtool)* [Snappy](* [Doxygen]( autoreconf --install ./configure make make checkAPI documentation can be generated with `doxygen`.Installing----------

Silverlight DataGridToolbar Control for OData, RIA Services and local data

The library contains three controls for Silverlight DataGrid. The first control works with OData(WCF Data Services), the second one works with RIA Services and the third one works with local data. It can be used to filter, remove, edit and insert data.

Migration Toolkit for SQL Data Services(SDS)

Microsoft SQL Data Services(SDS) give us large flexibility and scalability in data hosting and handling,but different from ordinary RDBMS, consisted not in Table and Fields, but in Authority and Entity. This toolkit helps developer or DBA to migrate existing data to SDS.

cf-services - Bosh release for Cloud Foundry data services

This repo is an attempt to stabilize Cloud Foundry data services (MySQL, MongoDB, etc). The service code in the cloudfoundry/{cf-release, vcap-services, cf-services-contrib, cf-services-release} is stale/obsolete/dysfunctional in various ways.

SQL Server Master Data Services Utilities

A set of useful add-ons for SQL Server Master Data Services, including utilities for generating an MDS model, loading the model, writing a custom UI for model data and integrating the model with SharePoint BCS.

Support Vector Machines Data Mining Plug-in in Analysis Services

The datamining Support Vector Machine (SVM) plug-in in MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2008. This plug-in is the SVM classification algorithm in addition to the shipped data mining algorithms with SQL Server.

ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC

When you use ADO.NET Data Services, the query is serialized. So in fact, you will reduce the flow between the client and the service to get only the entities you really want. If you use EF with ADO.Net Data Services, you will also reduce the flow between the Server and the DB....

Tutorial: ADO.NET Data Services (with Source Code)

Tutorial: ADO.NET Data Services (with Source Code) Find more explications and a more detailed step-by-step guide on my Blog:

Google Data APIs .NET SDK

The Google Data APIs use the AtomPub protocol to read and write data to Google Services. This .NET Client SDK provides a library and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs. Services supported include Google Calendar, Contacts, YouTube and more

RIA Services DataFilter Control for Silverlight

This RIA Services DataFilter is Silverlight control that designed for Filtering/Sorting/Grouping the Data using DomainDataSource from a kit of pattern NET/WCF RIA Services.

rdopa - R client to Joint Research Centre's DOPA REST API

rdopa is a R package for accessing data from the DOPA ([Digital Observatory for Protected Areas]( REST API.**Warning** The DOPA API is still very much in development as is this package. Expect things to break.[DOPA REST Services Directory]( lists all the available services grouped by respective databases. Currently, the following services are wrapped by `rdopa`:| DOPA Service | DOPA database | DOPA schema


MDS Modeling Workbook is a modeling tool and a solution accelerator for Microsoft Master Data Services.


The theme around Data Services are to expose existing Spring Data functionality to the web. The 'web' here is primarily focused on support to access data from traditional browsers as well as mobile clients. It also will explore the interaction of messaging and data.

OpenI: OLAP Data Visualization Plugin

OpenI plugin for Pentaho CE provides a simple and clean user interface to visualize data in OLAP cubes. It supports both direct Mondrian and xmla based connections like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), plus provides add-on features like Explore Cube Data, custom SQL for drillthrough data, publishing drillthrough data to external web services etc.

WCF Data Service Format Extensions for CSV, TXT

This project add support for Legacy formats like CSV, TXT (CSV Export) to the data service output and allow $format=txt query. By default WCF Data Services support Atom and JSON responses however legacy systems do not understand ATOM or JSON but they understand CSV, TXT f...

Silverlight Data Source Control for OData

The control extends OData proxy class and cooperates with others Silverlight GUI controls. The control supports master-detail, paging, filtering, sorting, validation, changing data. You can append your validation rules. It works like a Data Source Control for RIA Services.

FundAPI - Web Services to access U.S Mutual Fund basic data and holdings data.

Web Services to access U.S Mutual Fund basic data and holdings data.

LinkedIDS - Linked Data services and applications around the data served by IDS

Linked Data services and applications around the data served by IDS

LifeCycle - LifeCycle agent components, e.g. meta-data generator for various CMS data-services, etc.

LifeCycle agent components, e.g. meta-data generator for various CMS data-services, etc.