phpbb-ideas - An idea center for phpBB/ (based on WordPress idea center).

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An idea center for phpBB/ (based on WordPress idea center).



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Twitboard - A twitter-alike discussion board similar to

This is my first project. I am trying to learn as much as I can with it. The aim is to create some kind of discussion board similar to twitter where the conversations are easy to follow. I got the idea using a spanish language twitter where a user can quote another, but for me is hard to follow the conversations. Thus, i decided to start programming zero a web application where the users can create threads and reply to them but also quote other threads and be able to see th

Freeze-messenger - A PHP/MySQL instant messenger.

SummaryFreezeMessenger is an advance PHP+AJAX messenger. It is currently under development, and this page will be updated once the stable has been released. Release ScheduleNote: With school and other issues, I decided to take a brief break on this project. I have no idea when it will be finished, but for now its just going to be something I'll toy around with every once and a while. If you're interested in the current progress, send me an email (it helps motivate my stubborn little brain!), but

Cafa - Corrective Action and Failure Analysis

SummaryThe intent of this project is to: record large sets of diagnostic data failure reports root cause analysis setup warning filters based on diagnostic data automatically analyze the data for trends automatically find correlations between diagnostic data and failures The original scope of this project was to analyze medical/health reporting. Currently this software has been repurposed to assist with rail vehicle equipment troubleshooting by analyzing remote downloads, although the underlying

Flexmoodle - Flex-Moodle Hack

Moodle has great framework, but lacks the fluidity of Flex. A Flex hack is being developed which will take advantage of Moodle's framework, but give the advantage of a more fluid interface. Parasitic-Hack Methodology The hack involves a parasitic-host relationship. The advantage of such a hack is that other components can be easily brought under the Flex umbrella (such as wordpress, Mediawiki, PHPBB, etc...), and these components can be presented in a different more fluid format depending on use

Admin Boards

Admin Boards is a PHP and MySQL based message board. It will have forum catorgorys, a private messaging system, memberlist, polls, private boards, lock topic option, search, view profile, and more. The idea is like the phpBB message board.

joomunity for joomla

Welcome to the Joomunity developers section. Here we you'll find resources to enable you modify or extend your Joomunity install. Your contribution is very appreciated, in fixing bugs, extending core functionality, idea proposals, translation, design and improving on Joomunity's stability or just being there to help. Together we could build a powerful community building solution Some Features Build an on-line community like facebook in minutes. The initial concept of Joomunity was to try to make

phpbb-ideas - An idea center for phpBB (based on WordPress idea center).

An idea center for phpBB (based on WordPress idea center).

notponies - idea collection system based on phpBB

idea collection system based on phpBB

phpBB-ideas-answers - phpBB MOD to implement Ideas and Aswers functionality

phpBB MOD to implement Ideas and Aswers functionality

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