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[READ-ONLY] The phpBB forum software application. A subtree split of the phpBB folder from the phpbb repository, which contains build scripts, tests and other metadata and tools.



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Boy Scout Advancement

BSAdv is a Joomla 1.6 (and higher) component for Boy Scout activity and advancement data for Boy Scout Troops in the United States. Find the Bulletin Board and FAQ under 'Hosted Apps', 'phpBB', more information under 'Develop', 'Web Site'.

Hattrick Organizer

Helper Tool for online-manager Hattrick ( Please visit or our CHPP forum at Hattrick for more information and support. If you have any bug reports or feature requests, feel free to open a ticket in the tracker (


Build your b2b trade portal using PHPB2B,the opensource php b2b script, get help from :

Kayako-loginshare - Loginshare for Kayako

Kayako Loginshare ScriptLoginshare script for kayako to integrate with other systems. Working SystemsConcrete5 Contao CS-Cart Drupal 6 Drupal 7 HostBill Interspire Shopping Cart Invision Power Board Joomla LemonstandApp Magento OpenCart OSCommerce phpBB PrestaShop Simple Machines / SMF Vanilla Forums vBulletin WHMCS Wordpress ZenCart

Pds-sql-service - An open source SQL server interface for RedDwarf & Project Darkstar

Because of the way RedDwarf and Project Darkstar works direct access to SQL databases does not work properly. This project provides a library giving access to a connected SQL server from a RedDwarf/Project Darkstar server. Queries can be issued from a Task, processed asynchronously and then the result received as a new Task. See for changes and version information. See

Freeze-messenger - A PHP/MySQL instant messenger.

SummaryFreezeMessenger is an advance PHP+AJAX messenger. It is currently under development, and this page will be updated once the stable has been released. Release ScheduleNote: With school and other issues, I decided to take a brief break on this project. I have no idea when it will be finished, but for now its just going to be something I'll toy around with every once and a while. If you're interested in the current progress, send me an email (it helps motivate my stubborn little brain!), but

Nintendorkschattermobile - Reformats message board for mobile devices

Uses BeautifulSoup to scrape and reformat a message board to be viewed on a mobile device, particularly the iPhone. Built on Google App Engine in Python. To speed up searches, much of the parsing is very specific to the Nintendorks Chatter phpBB theme as it exists on the date of the latest checkin. Minor changes can potentially break parsing. Adapting the code to your forum should not be too difficult and is encouraged. Feel free to share links to iPhone-friendly forums!

Zxn0 - est's opensource apps collection

TransienceWindows Mobile上的简�的GTD工具 Source: SVN: oAuth for Google App EngineGAE上的oAuth模� Souce: SVN: ping2doubanSource code for shotbot Win32 Package Win32

Verysmallforumforgae - Very Small Forum For GAE

Really small forum based on phpBB subSilver theme You can view small-forum here Introduction ==Version 3.03 Released == added features: - post edit possibility - post remove action (in admin mode) Just download latest release ( 1) Change your admin user in file: class Acluser: __admin__ = [ 'admin google login 1', 'admin google login 2' ] - not e-mail, only login admins could be also added from D

Se-soup - WebOS SE-Joomla-WP integration

Total integration from the most know social networks Total Facebook integration Total JomSocial Integration Total WP integration (no MU - reason being: SE Blogs is MU enough) Total VB - PHPBB - MyBB - SMF etc integration true the Joomla-SE bridge Installable mods instead of manually changing files to speed up installs The ability to be listed amongst "Post this article/thread to your SE site" An internal firewall plugin to block callbacks so no "tweaking" will ever be acquired/needed again The p

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