documentation - Documentation for end-users: board visitors, moderators and administrators

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Documentation for end-users: board visitors, moderators and administrators



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Phpbb-documentation-pt-br - Tradução da documentação do phpBB para o idioma Português do Brasil

Tradução da documentação do sistema de fóruns phpBB para o idioma Português do Brasil.A documentação em inglês pode ser encontrada nos seguintes locais: Atenção: neste repositório encontra-se somente a tradução, ainda incompleta, da documentação. Caso você queira a documentação completa, basta baixa-la no repositório oficial em Inglês:

Phpbbservice - projects for phpBB

Here you will find some project for phpBB from like the dutch translation , dutch documentation and styles/convertors/mods for phpBB.

Twitboard - A twitter-alike discussion board similar to

This is my first project. I am trying to learn as much as I can with it. The aim is to create some kind of discussion board similar to twitter where the conversations are easy to follow. I got the idea using a spanish language twitter where a user can quote another, but for me is hard to follow the conversations. Thus, i decided to start programming zero a web application where the users can create threads and reply to them but also quote other threads and be able to see th

Dportalcms - DPortal CMS/DPortal Blog

DPortal CMSUpdates and Bugfixes at jul 10 2011 (Dportal Blog published) Downloads and Updates via SVNDPortal CMS is available in SVN. You can download the full source (the same contents in the Traball), or only the updated files (that may change frequently). Download now and check/update the code via SVN: svn checkout updates Full source via SVN (same contents than Tarball): svn checkout full_source DPortal Blog is also av

Django-login-for-phpbb - Support for Django logins in phpBB

This project contains the code required to set up your site so that people can log in using Django authentication, and then post to a phpBB forum without having to log in again or create a separate login. As such it is (obviously) dependent on Django and phpBB. The documentation is all in the various README.txt files checked into the source code repository. You can also refer to the original blog post about the project, which has a walkthough of some of the code. If you have any questions, pleas

Simple-contact-form - A simple PHP contact form script.

A rather simple PHP contact form script that can be integrated into an existing site/design, or be used standalone. Admittedly, the documentation isn't the greatest at the moment, but I'll fix it up soon. Changes1.0.8 current version PHP requirement bumped up to PHP 5.2 Code to determine available CAPTCHA fonts updated/optimized. Error reporting set to E_ALL without notices and deprecated messages. 1.0.7 Removed option for HTML email Script now uses a config file 'sc_config.php' in 'sc_includes'

docs-system - The documentation system used on GSoC Project. Contact Marshalrusty

The documentation system used on GSoC Project. Contact Marshalrusty