Plot Graphic Library

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MFC Charting Library



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Pypgl - A Python Vector Graphics Library written with PyGame

PyPGL (Python Primitives Graphics Library)PyPGL is a vector graphics library written with PyGame. It features an easy to use editor to create unique vector graphics, a fully functional image module to load the images and manipulate them, a sprite module with collisions, and more! Note: This is currently in BETA and should not be used for anything yet. ScreenshotsEditor in use: Simple "Shoot 'em up" Demo:


pgl (probabilistic grammar language) is a non-Turing-Complete language that can be used to easily make and use probabilistic grammars.

pgl4rbl - Greylisting on RBL (DNS blacklist) for Postfix

Greylisting on RBL (DNS blacklist) for Postfix

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