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Simple HTML5 game as PF2012 electronic greeting.



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Rs22812 - Python interface to Radio Shack 22-812 digital multimeter with serial port

Note: I don't use this meter or software anymore, but other people apparently still do. Please see the update notes at the bottom of this page. If you want to monitor a measured electrical parameter (voltage, current, resistance, etc.) over a period of time, this python program can talk to a Radio Shack 22-812 digital multimeter over the serial port and print out its readings. Besides needing the multimeter and a serial cable to connect to the meter, you'll need to download the PySerial module:

Bthai - Starcraft bot using BWAPI

OverviewBTHAI is a Starcraft:Broodwar bot using the BWAPI project to connect to the Starcraft engine. The bot is based on a flexible and expandable multi-agent architecture that makes it easy to modify or change logic at different levels of abstraction. BTHAI can be used as a basis for education and research within game AI. It is currently used in several master thesis projects worldwide. More info at the Wiki. I have had a talk about BTHAI at The replay is available at the site f


pioneers hackathon vienna 2012, prototype for a mobile finance app, android. some of the code is really garbage...