Persian Engine (Black Kitten)

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Persian Engine (Black Kitten) currently under development by Pooya Eimandar in order to use on Microsoft Windows.



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Allows you to view and download kitten pictures from

From-xsi-to-unity - Several tools of assets setup, from Softimage XSI to Unity.

This google-code project is a toolkit of the several python scripts that took place in Autodesk Softimage (XSI) context. Their main purpose is to setup and cleanup 3D-Assets into Softimage to consolidate the FBX-export process.

Ice-cache-explorer - ICE Explorer application.

ICE ExplorerA 3D application written in python for viewing and reading Softimage ICE Cache files such as particle data. The application provides interactive tools for viewing the particles (playback, orbit, zoom, etc...), browsing cache data in a tree window and converting to ascii and HDF5 files.

Softimage dotXSI xchange for Max

This Plug-in for discreet 3dsmax adds the ability to export the SOFTIMAGE/Avid dotXSI file format. For import capability, visit

Softimage dotXSI xchange for Director

This stand-alone utility converts files in the SOFTIMAGE/Avid dotXSI file format to Macromedia W3D for use Shockwave3D via Macromedia Director

Blur-dev - Blur Studio API's, Libraries and Tools

4.25.2012 - Installer OverhaulOverhaul of the installer to simplify the install experience. It now checks for the proper installs of python and pywin32 and if not found it will install them. It will select the installed versions of 3dsMax by default, and default to the correct install location. It now patches pywin32 to work with xsi. Removed the installers for Qt-Dev and Classmaker, this drops about 88 megs from the installer size. These installers will be provided separately. Unified the vario

Lastexpressengine - A ScummVM Engine for The Last Express

The Last Express is an adventure game game created by Jordan Mechner and Smoking Car Productions, published in 1997. It takes place on the Orient Express, days before the start of World War I. Set on the Orient Express in 1914, the player takes on the role of Robert Cath, an American doctor on the train's final journey from Paris to Constantinople (nowadays Istanbul) before World War I. Cath, already wanted by French police as he is suspected of the murder of an Irish police officer, is contacte

Softimage dotXSI Converter Tool Kit

This tool kit simplifies the task of implementing conversion from the SOFTIMAGE dotXSI file format to other 3D file formats.

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