Personal Expense Management

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Personal Expense Management a .net based money management solution, track your expense, build budget and view financial impacts on daily expenses.



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PRACTICA DE PEM is a C source code that exemplifies the use of Abstract data in ANSI C for IES JOAN AUSTRIA students

Java-exportpriv - Java utility to export private key from a JSSE keystore

Because keytool does not provide this capability, a special Java class has been created to extract private key(s) in order to reconstruct PKCS#12 and PEM files from a keystore.

Simplersalibrary - Simple OpenSSL compatible RSA library for Java and PHP

Simple RSA Library is a minimalistic OpenSSL compatible RSA library for Java and PHP. It supports key file generation, encryption/decryption, sign/verify documents. Look at the code examples for usage. Generating PEM key files in Java (not implemented in PHP): RSATool tool = RSAToolFactory.getRSATool();tool.generateKeyPair(new File("public.pem"), new File("private.pem"));Encrypt/decrypt data in Java: RSATool tool = RSAToolFactory.getRSATool();RSAKey publicKey = tool.loadPublicKey(new File("publi


PEMS is a system that allows the execution of BSP-like algorithms (implemented as MPI programs) with extremely large data sets that exceed the size of RAM.

Minica - Very simple certificate authority

Minica is a very simple certificate authority. It manages stores keys and certificates in JKS keystore files. FeaturesKey generation Certificate signing Import from/export to: JKS, DER, PEM (OpenSSL), PKCS-12 Running minicajava -jar minica.jarScreenshots

Phidget-erlang-manager - Erlang port driver to Phidget Manager

The project consists in an Erlang Port Driver to Phidget's Manager and Phidget devices such as InterfaceKit. InstallationDebian RepositoryThe repository is available as: deb stable mainBuilding from sourcesA sources archive is available in the downloads section. Python scons is required to build from sources. unzip cd pem scons scons install

Putani - Friendly neighborhood UI app to manage the Java keystores and explore whole lot of PKI

Putani is an user friendly GUI to manage the Java keystores and explore (only view but some edit) many PKI objects like Certificates, CRLs and CSRs etc.

Crx-packaging - Simple script to make Chrome extension packages

Take a look at better python solution: This is simple script which creates your_extension.crx file based on and your_extension.pem files. Source: It's known to work on Windows. It based on script from Packing Chrome extensions in Python article by Matt Mastracci. UsageTo run is you need python and openssl: First time you'll need to package your extension using Chrome itself Then you can make a zip archive of your extension r

Extension-rake - Rakefile to build your Firefox/Thunderbird extension.

PurposeThis rakefile makes it simple to package your extension and even will create signed update.rdf for you. However it needs some tuning before it could be used. InstallationMake sure your sources are placed into svn. None of others versions controls are supported yet. Although it's easy to drop this dependency. Make sure you have the following directory structure root (doesn't have to be named this way) src (doesn't have to be named this way) content extension_name extension_code skin defaul