Partial Expression Completer

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Partial Expression Completer is an API discovery extension for Visual Studio 2010 which supports searching for APIs via expressions which are missing method calls or field/property lookups. A programmer can invoke the tool on such partial expressions and get suggestions of pos...



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Computational electromagnetics software. Uses surface Method of Moments, enhanced by using the Multilevel Fast Multipole Method. Code is parallelized and runs on laptops, desktops and clusters. The code precision is adjustable, it is fast and uses little memory. CFIE is used for closed surfaces, and EFIE for open PEC surfaces. Can function on GMSH, GiD and ANSYS meshes.

Taems - Toolbox for Analytical EM Solutions

TAEMS is a Python program that computes analytical solutions for eigenmodes in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical cavities as well as the Mie series solution for the plane wave scattering of a PEC sphere. It runs on both Windows and Linux platforms and uses the wxPython wrappers to the wxWidgets toolkit for the graphical user interface component and also depends on the SciPy numerical library for some of the special functions.

Tds-pec3 - Gestor de Eventos - Grupo CESIR

Proyecto en prácticas para las asignatura TDS de la inegeniería ITIG en la UOC.

ViPEC network analyser

ViPEC is an network analyser for electrical networks. It takes a schematic description of an electrical network, and performs a simulation of the circuit response in the frequency domain. Output is in the form of port parameters (S, Y and Z).

Mashup-pec-sumit-maps-parks - Maps Mashup-test

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Ultima8drivecorrector - Replacement drive corrector for the Celestron Ultima 8 telescope

The Celestron Ultima 8 telescope's drive corrector circuit (non-PEC synchronous AC clock drive) is replaced with new electronics based on Michael Covington's ALCOR. The new design is described in the following document: Base Electronics

Ppfbrasil - Polícia Portuária Federal: Uma questão de Justiça

A criação da Polícia Portuária Federal legitima o trabalho feito pela Guarda Portuária. A Polícia Portuária Federal já existiu de fato, mas foi extinta com o advento da Constituição de 1988, criou-se então as Guardas Portuárias. Agora a Guarda Portuária enfrenta, já há algum tempo, uma batalha para ser reconhecida como força policial, conseguindo apoio em Brasília para mover uma Proposta de Emenda à CRFB, a PEC 59/2007. Não há dúvidas quanto à importância de um controle ef

PECS4Autism - PECS App for Autistic kids

PECS App for Autistic kids