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Related Projects

Financial Supervision Assistant

J2EE, OS/DB independent MIS, BI, PM amp; Report Designer for SUPERVISORS

Scalby - Bayesian Networks In Scala

Scala Implementation of Bayesian Neworks (WorkInProgress) Implemented so far : - d-separation algorithm (with test cases) - Inference Algo - Pearl's Message passing algorithm for a Bayesian Network whose DAG is a tree.(with test cases) - Inference Algo - Pearl's Message passing algorithm for a Bayesian Network whose DAG is Singly Connected.(with test cases)

Pearlstcoop - Pearl Street Coop Problem Tracking

This project is to provide an easy way for Pearl Street Co-opers to report their issues.

Blackberry-podcast-updater - An OSX and Python app for sync'ing iTunes podcasts to a BlackBerry

This is a little tool that updates your most recent iTunes Podcasts to a BlackBerry Curve or Pearl. The downloads are a stand-alone Mac OS X app (.zip) and the Python source, which works well on Windows provided you download the Python software from On both platforms no configuration is necessary, and the program will create a podcast folder on your BB if none exists. By default, the size of the BlackBerry podcast folder is 1 gig. BlackBerry Podcast Updater finds the most rece

Eleme - Project Pearl

Code Name: Pearl

Ganges - Ganges real-time 3D engine

Ganges is the 3D real-time engine I've been working exclusively during the last year. The advantage of it is cross-platform. Originally it started as my final design of graduation to illustrate sheer simple 3D scene. Ganges the engine is developed in C++, and deservedly object-oriented, based on SDL/SGE low-level API for screen rendering (does NOT using OpenGL or any 3rd parties library). Ganges as well should be a library that provides interface for user function invokes. Ganges is still in Alp

Joto - Java Object To Object generic type conversion library

Java Object To Object is a generic type conversion library. Converts the given object to an instance of requested type. It is usefully to separate several conversions in a manageable layer, e.g. in a traditional enterprise application: convert domain/entity objects to DTO and DTO objects to View Model objects ... Example: // convert a string CSV data to Person object Person person = JOTO.convert("John Dick, 2010.06.23, Vienna, 1233211", Person.class); // convert a string CSV report to Person dom