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PHP Logging Package




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PEAR Framework - reusable PHP components

PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. It has all categories of components from DB access, security, xml parsing, encryption etc.

Log-xml - An XML handler for the PEAR::Log package

This extends the PEAR::Log package to enable logging to an XML file. It allows easy customization for different log headers and log events.

Pearly-gates - Centralized SSH Manager

Pearly Gates is a centralized solution for managing ssh user access to multiple platforms. The user is logged on the computer running Pearly Gates, and then connect via ssh to any other computer that has enabled. Leaving a log of all activity in this connection.

Netdns2 - Native PHP5 DNS Resolver and Updater

Net_DNS2 - Native PHP5 DNS Resolver and UpdaterThe main features for this package include:Increased performance; most requests are 2-10x faster than Net_DNS Near drop-in replacement for Net_DNS Uses PHP5 style classes and exceptions Support for IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP sockets. Includes a separate, more intuitive "Updater" class for handling dynamic update Support zone signing using TSIG and SIG(0) for updates and zone transfers Includes a local cache using shared memory or flat file to improv

Multicabinet - Web Host Billing and Automation System

Automatic billing and management system. Have integration with WHM (CPanel), but can be rewrited for any other web host manager system. Features: Connect to your WHM panels and create,suspend,terminate accounts. Really fast! don't use any framework or PEAR modules. Simple caching. Detailed history and account modifying log viewer. Graphical amount changing viewer. Support reselling, bonuses and partnership programs. Themed interface. Home page: http://www.multicabinet.ru/ System Requirements: PH

Errorhandler - PHP Errorhandler

PHP ErrorHandler OverviewComplete, Readable, Secure Error Backtrace Ignoring of unwanted Errors(you can develop with E_STRICT, and dont need to @ all library calls) can halt the execution after the first Error, preventing database corruption/data-loss read current errors in your RSS Reader have a full backtrace in your Logfiles output your Errors to HTML + Log + RSS + Mail simulanously works on console+webpage without extra configuration See "Featured Wiki Pages" for more information StatusPubli

Php-logmanager - log manager

Log manager basé sur la librairie Pear

Php-paypal-soap-api - A redux of PayPal's PHP SOAP API written on the Zend Framework.

About This Project The current official PayPal PHP SOAP SDK is written for PHP 4, not namespaced, and uses outdated code to accomplish SOAP communication. That said, this API is written specifically for PHP 5.2+, is more loosely coupled, and is built off Zend Framework's robust SOAP library. This library also adopts the Zend Framework/PEAR class naming scheme, so that class name conflicts are guaranteed to be avoided. While this project is still under development it does function, although with

PHP MVC like framework

Having a clean MVC like framework in PHP based on standards like PEAR, Smarty and even Java Struts concepts. OO Code, DB Abstraction, Log, Session, Form handling, Templates, Page caching, I18N, Configuration.

drydock image board script

drydock is an image board script written in PHP and based on the now defunct Thorn project. It currently supports MySQL and SQLite (as of the 0.3.1 release) and has functionality that is not present in most other image board scripts. Some of drydock's features include: Use of the Smarty template engine for ease of redesign and plugin system (from Thorn) Modular database setup, allowing new database types to be supported with relative ease A profile system (with optional open registration functio