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Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests, uses pluggable adapters* Socket: pure PHP implementation of HTTP protocol (does *not* use http stream wrapper), based on older [PEAR HTTP_Request] package* Curl: wrapper around PHP's cURL extension* Mock: used for testing packages depending on HTTP_Request2, returns predefined responses without network interactionBoth Socket and Curl adapters support POST requests with data and file uploads, basic and digestauthentication, cookies, managing cookies across requests, HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies, gzip anddeflate encodings, redirects, monitoring the request progress with Observers...This package is [PEAR HTTP_Request2] and has been migrated from [PEAR SVN]Please report all issues via the [PEAR bug tracker].Pull requests are welcome.[PEAR HTTP_Request]:[PEAR HTTP_Request2]:[PEAR SVN]:[PEAR bug tracker]:[]=HTTP_Request2



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Easyrest - a php rest client and server implementation

What is the Easyrest? Easyrest is a REST framework that contains client and server implementations.Easyrest uses a lot of pear packages and i think people will easily understand how it works.Using the pear libraries is not a disadvantage because of you don't have to install required pear libraries, easyrest can work from its own custom pear directory. It uses HTTP Request,Xml_serializer and Xml_Unserializer classes and It has a easy structural data transfer unlike XML-RPC. Advantages of Easyrest

Netdns2 - Native PHP5 DNS Resolver and Updater

Net_DNS2 - Native PHP5 DNS Resolver and UpdaterThe main features for this package include:Increased performance; most requests are 2-10x faster than Net_DNS Near drop-in replacement for Net_DNS Uses PHP5 style classes and exceptions Support for IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP sockets. Includes a separate, more intuitive "Updater" class for handling dynamic update Support zone signing using TSIG and SIG(0) for updates and zone transfers Includes a local cache using shared memory or flat file to improv

Pleasedressme - PleaseDressMe Tshirt Search Engine API

OverviewWe just wouldn't be a true Web 2.0 company if we didn't have an API now would we? The main reason for creating the API was so that vendors could manage their shirts in our index after an approval process, but we thought it'd be fun to open up access to our entire index. You can search shirts by keyword and tag, look up tags, etc. from the API. What use is this to you? We have no idea, but we're looking forward to finding out! All queries to the API are sent via an HTTP GET with the excep

Pscrobbler - a PHP5 Object Oriented interface for recieving data from Audioscrobbler

DescriptionPscrobbler is a Object-Oriented PHP5 interface to the Audioscrobbler Webservices API. The implementation is not complete yet, but many feeds are already supported. The requests are cached, wich means it loads faster and is doesn't overload the Audioscrobbler servers. With the release of verision 2 of, the webservices from Audioscrobbler has been changed which caused scrobbler to not work. I'm working on a almost complete rewrite of pscrobbler. Stay tuned for updates. It works

Phpquery - phpQuery - jQuery port to PHP

phpQuery - pq();phpQuery is a server-side, chainable, CSS3 selector driven Document Object Model (DOM) API based on jQuery JavaScript Library. Library is written in PHP5 and provides additional Command Line Interface (CLI). PEAR installationpear channel-discover pear install phpquery/phpQuery GitHubFork & pull request: DownloadAvailable packages (rss) Release notes Bugs: active / fixed Dependencies SVN checkout ManualBasics Ported jQue

Worldbank - This project is initially established for the World Bank's Apps for Development comp

DescriptionThis mashup application has two version of the applications. If you want to receive a quick response, you had better try to use jquery version but the drawback of the version is that I did not fully implement all the functionalities as many as extjs version did due to lack of time. Howerver, I will code all the functionalities eventually in the jquery version. The first one is based on the jquery framework. The second one is based on the extjs framework. You can find all the dependent


PHP Web Spider (Robot)phpspider is a web spider written in PHP. With phpspider you can download entire web sites or simply crawl them looking for broken links. The code can be executed from the command line or from a web server. Configuration consists of pointing the code at a web site, setting some configuration options, and starting the crawl. System Requirements: PHP 5.2+ PEAR Log package PEAR HTTP_Request package phpquery At present the system has several k

HTTP_Request - HTTP library for PEAR2

HTTP library for PEAR2

php-pear-HTTP_Request2 - %{pearname} - Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests

%{pearname} - Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests

php-elasticsearch-client - Simple PHP 5.4 client for ElasticSearch. Requires PEAR's HTTP_Request2.

Simple PHP 5.4 client for ElasticSearch. Requires PEAR's HTTP_Request2.