PDF Generator for .NET

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PDF Generator (HTML-to-PDF) for .NET based on WkHtmlToPdf in one assemply.




Related Projects

Jspwiki2pdf - PDF-generation for jspwiki

It's desirable to be able to view a Wiki pages in JSPWiki as PDF in some cases. This project supplies such an implementation. You will find a lot more information on the PDFPlugin page on JSPWiki.

Pdflibwrapper - PDFLib wrapper for creating 2 dimensional tables

This project was started because, to my knowledge, nothing like it existed before it. The wrapper takes a two dimensional array and creates a PDF document from it, complete with page titles and automatic pagination.

Bloody Mary

Crossplatform menstruation calender with dynamic pdf-report-generation via server-script. The calender is intended for the CLDC profile and MIDP1.0 - like mobile phones, PDA and is written in J2ME. The server allows dynamic upload and pdf-generation and

Prawn - Fast, Nimble PDF Generation For Ruby

Prawn is a pure Ruby PDF generation library that provides a lot of great functionality while trying to remain simple and reasonably performant. It provides support to do Vector drawing, including lines, polygons, curves, ellipses, etc. Extensive text rendering, Security features including encryption and password protection, PNG and JPG image embedding, with flexible scaling options and lot more.

HexaPDF - A Versatile PDF Creation and Manipulation Library for Ruby

HexaPDF is a pure Ruby library with an accompanying application for working with PDF files. It supports Creating new PDF files, Manipulating existing PDF files, Merging multiple PDF files into one, Extracting meta information, text, images and files from PDF files, Securing PDF files by encrypting them and optimizing PDF files for smaller file size or other criteria.

Pdf_sample - Sample presentation of the pdf-generator

Sample presentation of the pdf-generator


The pdfgeneration module uses css2xslfo to generate PDFs from SilverStripe templates.

pdf-generator - Test to generate pdfs on heroku

Test to generate pdfs on heroku


A PDF Generator Application designed for ITrix 13, for the purpose of Generating of tickets for workshops

ftw.pdfgenerator - A library for generating PDF representations of Plone objects with LaTeX.

A library for generating PDF representations of Plone objects with LaTeX.