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Y-sender - Pys60 app to Send sms, flash sms, email by yohannes ejigu

Ysender is apython s60 massaging software made to send sms, flash sms, and email with attachment. The app is also aimed at creating uniqe GUI to make it beautiful. Now the pc like interface is introduced. i.e buttons, pointer(curser), dialog box. But still have some bugs and works for s60v2 and I will make available for s60v3 and v5.

Imixhd - Software controller and MIDI bridge for TV-One line of hardware video scalers

iMixHD is an open source software coded in Processing (www.processing.org). This software is designed to control certain functions on TV-One 1t-c2-750 (and other models) in real-time, for VJing and live video performance. Aside from graphical UI, it also allows you to map and use external MIDI devices as a controller. The source code is available for PC, OSX, and Unix. Standalone apps available for PC and MAC. Please read the setup instructions under the Wiki tab before running. Developers: VJ L

Python-common-portable - Python for Windows Portable - Common Runtime

Python for Windows Portable Python for Windows repacked as portable package (PAF) runtime for automated installation as module into \\PortableApps\\CommonFiles according to the installer specifications 2.0 from portableapps.com. Installation Download the approriate installer package (PAF) from python-common-portable (Example: Python_2.7_Common_Portable_2.7_online.paf.exe), save local and/or execute with the USB-stick connected to your PC. The installer will find the drive and directory of your P

Tilms - Tablet Interactive Learning Management System

"TILMS" This word refer to Tablet Interactive Learning Management System, the concerned system had been developed on Mansoura university – faculty of engineering – computer engineering systems – tablet pc lab as a graduation project for development and implementation of an active learning teaching system based on hp technology for teaching using mobile technology. 1.1 Project idea Nowadays all teacher and also students run towards the technology in their learning as any computer user see i

Eidle - screensaver based on EclipseRCP

prevents your PC from code burn-in. ;-) Eidle provides a screensaver framework based on the Eclipse Rich Client Framework. It can be run stand-alone or be deployed into EclipseRCP-based apps like the EclipseIDE or Notes8 (see screenshots). Currently, Eidle comes with the following functionality: picture show (since release 0.1) sliding image tiles (since release 0.1) flashlight over image (since release 0.1) browser (since release 0.1) auto-minesweeper (since release 0.2) The framework manages t

Fspotcloud - Your F-Spot photo's automatically on AppEngine or J2EE Server

The product is ready to be tested by beta testers, please see UserGuide. IntroductionF-Spot Cloud is a synchronization system for the images stored in F-Spot. It synchronizes between your linux PC and your private server or Google AppEngine, with the purpose of showing the images in a nice gallery on the web. It preserves the labels you assigned in F-Spot. Note that F-Spot Cloud does not do any writing at your local file-system, it only reads (a file-system copy) of the F-Spot SQLite database an

Chunksofcode - personal collection of tools and projects used to study and work

ChunksOfCodethis "project" is a set of my projects (tools, utilities, games, demos, junk, ...) created mostly for learning purposes, some code was written for me dealing with my pc. GAMESmines/minesweeper game with swing gui (and as ajax-browsergame: web-wings-mines) schnellen-core/card game "tiroler schnellen", with a commandline ui. lifesimulator/swing app showing the life of foxes and rabbits. rabbits are eaten by the foxes. demonstrates usage of the paint(Graphics) app-rubic-cube/(not yet ru

Umjammer - Umjammer's Examples

Umjammer's ExamplesWikiヨーロッパ�カーナビドライブ PS2 Linux Language Comparison プログラム�や��り言語 �ん�ゃ��MVC Open Sourcedoja-jme-bridge ... doja emulation library for jme (under construction) vavi-3d... vavi 3d sample vavi-apps-fat32 ... low level fat 32 library for windows vavi-apps-gae03 ... opensocial, facebook, oauth, rest (jsr-311) on gae vavi-apps-gae09 ... toowitter, tweet over 140 letters on gae vavi-apps-ggps ... gps and location server (und

Robobuildervc - PC based Remote Controller for Robobuilder Humanoid Robot

RobobuilderLib Remote ClientThis project is to create .NET based client software to enable the Robobuilder humanoid robot to be controlled using a PC. If you like this site and FREE open source code it supplies please make a donation Thank You for your support NEW - see octave plugin Robobuilder Firmware API (v1.9.9.7)This project RobobuilderLib.DLL works either : using Robobuilder Standard Firmware (2.23 or above - see http://Robobuilder.net/eng) using DCMP (Open Source Robobuilder Firmware Pro

Pysensor - collect, filter, and distribute acceleration sensor data collected from mobile devices (e

PySensor is an environment to work with acceleration sensor data as emitted by mobile devices such as the Nokia N95/N97 or Android G1. Acceleration data and keypress data is sent to a server (PC) where further processing, logging, recording, and visualization of the data is made possible. The data is then distributed to a client application. Optionally, the client application may send image data at any rate and the device retrieves these images as fast as possible; images may be dropped. Recorde