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Patterns4Net provides two main tools. Pattern Enforcer verifies some of the structural aspects of selected design patterns implementation and Architecture Explorer generates interactive UML-like class diagrams from .NET assemblies. This tool uses the information about desig...



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Web Pattern - MVC 3, WebForms, NHibernate, Log4net+Elmah, MultiCulture, Security

Web Pattern include: ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Mvc, NHibernate, Log4net + Elmah, Custom Security, MultiCulture (MultiLinguage)

NLog - Advanced .NET Logging

NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It uses familar logger pattern known from log4xxx. NLog is very easy to use and configure. Advanced routing options include buffering, asynchronous logging, load balancing, failover, and more.

dotFitness - .NET 4.0 Sample

dotFitness is a sandbox for learning some of todays hottest patterns and practices.

Activerecordenterprisesample - A "zen garden" enterprise application with a castle activer

Initiated as a lecture piece for UNH ACM discussion, this is a "zen garden" sample application used to practice various factes of .NET data-centric development using activerecord and ASP.NET. Features include implementation of activerecord, a "supervising controller" approach to the model-view-controller pattern, automatic database generation, unit testing with NUnit, and logging with Log4net. You will currently need visual studio 2008 and to use this application. Read the Wiki fo

VideoClubGorbea Online Video Renting -Reference Project-

VideoClubGorbea it's a reference project, based on a imaginary online video renting shop in wich you will learn how to make the solution arquitecture, how to separete in n-layers, using the latest technology and design patterns such: .net 4.5, c#, MVC 4, async ctp, parallel t...

Class-attachment-design-pattern-in-csharp-4 - Design Pattern for module designers in C# 4.0

Class Attachment design pattern makes it easier for module designers to design it as attachment of classes using Dynamic Keyword in C# 4.0. A one can attach more than one classes in a group and their properties can be used by a single class object. It has many features such as accessing same properties implemented in more than one class can be called dynamically that means a one can call those properties in one shot and so on. In this way there can be many such kind of groups and its various cal

Entitymap - .NET lightweight data access abstraction framework

entitymap is lightweight data access abstraction framework which implemented repository pattern, data mapper pattern, and fluent interface (pattern catalog from Martin Fowler book : Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture). This framework adopt DDD concept (Domain Driven Design) also. Entitymap will help development of Enterprise application scale in .NET platform without sacrifice good and elegant architectural design. EntityMap developed by Ariyanto in GPL (General Public Licence). Feat

Design-of-selenium-tests-for-asp-net - Example of selenium web tests for ASP NET application

Sample application to show how to use test patterns in testing ASP NET applications using Selenium. Archived goals: Make UI tests easy to maintain. Make UI tests easy to read and implement. Demonstrate some aspects of testing AJAX applications. Handling problems with persistence. Meaningful error descriptions if tests were failed. Code generation Make possible to create UI acceptance tests for non-programmers using DSL. Decreasing testing time with Selenium GRID. Make UI tests running on continu

Ironframework - dotnet4,wcf,ef4,entlib,aop

Iron Frameworkfocus on enterprise solution based on Microsoft .net Framework 4.0. Combine with ADO.Net Entity Framework 4.2 Enterprise Library 5.0 WCF 4.0 MVC 3.0 implement Domain Driven Design(DDD),Layered architecture,Aspect-oriented programming(AOP) rapid development infrastructure. Technical features: � MVC 3.0 Razor engine � Dependency injection with MVC 3.0 � Web Form 4.0 strongly typed data binding model Custom paging data server control Hierarchical