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Related Projects

Classifiers - Implementation of various clustering algorithms

This is a post-graduate studies project about implementing various clustering algorithms.

Gawdi - a website where people can define, view, and search slangs

Let's not the slangs be forgotten...If you want to check in something, let each other know...

Golemml - Golem is a modular machine learning library for Python

Golem has moved to my github page. Please submit but reports, suggestions and patches on GitHub.

Anti-captcha4j - making computer 'recognize' the visual CAPACHA

1 build up the framework of ac4j 2 integrate most of useful algorithms and utilities in the field of pattern recognition 3 continue in researching new meathod to break the recent CAPACHA

Neuralpso - Simple feed-forward neural network tuned by particle swarm optimization in Java.

neuralpso is an in-progress project which I hope to submit to the Los Angeles County Science Fair. The purpose of the project is to develop software capable of tuning a neural network by means of particle swarm optimization. You can view my research log as I develop this project.

Lagenda - Use your smartphone to recognize various types of patterns taking pictures of them

Use your smartphone to recognize various types of patterns taking pictures of them. In this first alpha, the program only recognizes colors of the patterns that need to be add in the database. You can test with soils, some trees and whatever. In the next will be added the recognition of shapes and localization. Make part of the Team! Needed translators, programmers and everyone who wants to help! =)

Rede-mlp - Rede Neural MLP (Multi-Layer Perceptron) para reconhecimento de padrões

Rede Neural MLP para reconhecimento de padrões. Nesse caso específico, números de 0 a 9 são utilizados, representados em uma matriz 5x5, para reconhecimento da rede.