Metin2 Patcher

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This project is a patcher. First Release Under Construction



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mcpatcher - Minecraft patcher to fix textures with higher than default resolution

Minecraft patcher to fix textures with higher than default resolution

Pgpatcher - A patch tool for PostgreSQL

PgPatcherMaintaining a live PostgreSQL database is easier when you create patches - this way you can keep track of everything you've done to the database and replay each patch on another installation (dev, test, live, etc). And also having transactional DDL (thanks Postgres) means this is a whole lot easier. By placing patch files (patch_0_1.sql, patch_1_0.sql) into a directory and pointing pgpatcher at them, you can patch - and reverse patch - to your hearts content.

Visual Studio Icon Patcher

Visual Studio Icon Patcher allows you to update Visual Studio 2012 with the icons from Visual Studio 2010.

Capatch-e32image-capability-patcher - Modifies list of capabilities set for e32-format binary withou

CaPatchPurposeThis simple Perl script allows you to change the capabilities set by toolchain without rebuilding the binary. Possible applicationsCan be especially useful to tune up DLLs that you want to use, but can not (won't) recompile

Noheart-patcher - it is just for noheart patcher

it is just for noheart patcher,so we can not need to hit the mouse,very nice

Mabipwn - MabiPwn Patcher

Mabipwn mabinogi memory patcher derived from the source code of Nogiparty JP

Smart-patcher - A patch manager

I started this project in order to be able to manage patch emails. I did not want to have to manage them manually but rather wanted it to be as much automated as it could be. Thus started this project. What it is intended to do is - POP emails, check for PATCH mails, make a chain out of the patches (currently depending on REFERENCES header added by git's send-email), find the spring point of the series, make a new branch amend the patches and send the maintainer a summary report notifying about

Reverse-engineering-scripts - Collection of miscellaneous scripts related to reverse code engineerin

This project will host diverse scripts that I create and use when I reverse engineer code. The scripts will generally be Python or IDAPython and mostly focused on performing specific and small tasks. Some of the scripts will need different libraries/modules such as: pefile idapython ScriptsIDA file PatcherThis simple script will scan the current IDB for changes and generate a patched file If the original input file can't be found at the original location where the IDB was generated from, it will

Praxis - InterMedia System

Praxis is a Java-based modular framework for live creative play with video, images, audio, and other media. Its primary focus is on the easy development of generative and interactive media installations, as well as live performance. Praxis LIVE is a graphical, patcher-style interface for developing Praxis projects 'on the fly'. Praxis is developed by UK Artist and Technologist Neil C Smith. It is partly inspired by projects such as AudioMulch, Bidule and Isadora, and to a lesser extent Pure Data

Patchbox - PatchBox is a patcher for binary files.

PatchBox is a patcher for binary files for Mac OS X, written in Mono.