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Nauplius.PasswordManagement is an ASP.NET application, WCF Windows Service, and MS SQL database back end that allows users of multiple Active Directory domains to manage their own user account password.



Related Projects

Pwdb - Online Password-Manager

Simple Management for your online / offline passwords.

cmdb hierarquico

CMDB lightweight organized hierarchically, with option to have encrypted information CMDB leve organizado de forma hierárquica, e com opção para ter informações criptografadas

Password Manager by PMW

Password Manager by PMW is a project created thanks to .Net framework which allow you to easily and securely store your personal information such as user names and passwords, and your programs serial codes!

Keepassme - KeePassME is a port of KeePass Password Safe for J2ME and Android

KeePassME is a port of KeePass Password Safe for J2ME and Android, a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager. You can store passwords in a highly-encrypted database on a mobile phone, and view them on the go.

Gotvault - Your Secrets are Safe

A password manager for storing sensitive information. The application uses an algorithm to encrypt/decrypt the data. To use the application, you have to create two passwords. To login to the tool and The second password is never saved. The first password and second password are used to create the key for encrypting and decrypting the data. You need to install JRE version 1.6 and above to use this application. You can download JRE here

Thinpass - A minimal and extensible implementation of a password manager for Android.

A password manager for Android (requires version 2.0 or later). Thinpass provides a minimal password manager implementation that should be extended to suit your needs. If you are beginning to develop for Android, the source covers several Android fundamentals: Services Activity and service life-cycle Broadcast handling Threading using AsyncTask List views, tab activities and dialogs Using sqlite databases and shared preferences for data storage Getting values from bundled xml files

Clipperz - zero-knowledge web applications

open source projects from the creators of Clipperz online password manager MOVED TO GITHUB!We moved the code repository of Clipperz’s open source projects from Google Code to GitHub, because Google doesn’t like AGPL and is kindly requesting all developers that opted for this license to leave. Chris DiBona, the Open Source Programs Manager at Google on Google Groups: "It is also not okay to host an AGPL covered program on [...]So sadly, the answer is to remove your project and


store usernames/passwords from the commandline. ** Semi-secure, but by no means robust enough for production usage ** Troy Hunt would be disgusted.


Программа для автоматического ввода паролей в известную программу удаленного управление ПК Radmin. A program to automatically enter the passwords in the famous PC remote control software Radmin.