PaperWorld Project

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Paperworldeditor - Graphical Editor for creating paperworld applications

The Paperworld Editor provides a graphical editor that allows the user to quickly and easily build a paperworld game level and save the level out as an XML document. The Paperworld Editor builds on Joe Berkovitz's Moccasin library to allow editing of 3D objects in a 3D scene. The Editor allows you to describe a 3D 'Space' (the equivalent of a game level) by placing objects in a 3D scene and assigning behaviours to those objects. When loaded by the paperworld app it will run the space for you and

Heliosphere - multiplayer flash game built on the paperworld framework

Heliosphere is a realtime multiplayer game which uses the paperworld framework as it's communication/synchronisation layer. Heliosphere allows you to design, build and test your own levels - including obstacles, enemies, power-ups and deploy them on your own server and/or share them with others.

Paperworld3d - Realtime Multi-User Multi-Platform Application Framework

For the Flash on Tap attendees who are checking out the code after my session....when you check out the source make sure you check out the 'branches' directory - in there is a branch called 'reorganisation' - that's the source you want - it hasn't been merged with the trunk yet and it's a bit of a mess still.... if you drop me an email at trevor at infrared5 dot com i'll let you know when it's ready for use.The aim of the Paperworld project is to provide developers and designers with the tools t

Flashforce - Need to build a multi-user game in flash? Use the FORCE!

F lash O riented R ealtime C ommunication E ngine FORCE builds on several other open source projects to provide flash developers with a platform on which they can easily build and deploy complex realtime multi-player games. FORCE uses: Red5 as it's server. Red5 is awesome. Jedai is FORCE's network layer - jedai means you don't have to worry about network connection and communication. PaperWorld3D extends Jedai's network capabilities to provide multi-user support, PaperWorld3D synchronises object