pallet - Automates controlling and provisioning cloud server instances. DevOps for the JVM.

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Pallet installation and configuration for various software packages is providedvia crates. For pallet 0.4.x through 0.6.x, the crates are in the[pallet-crates]( repo. For 0.7.x andon, each crate is in its own repository.



Related Projects

Jscolorpallet - jsColorPallet is a pop up style color pallet completely programmed in JavaScript

jsColorPallet is a pop up style color pallet completely programmed in JavaScript. It allows you to add a color pallet to any text field on your website. When a user visiting your website and focuses on a text field a small color pallet appears next to the selected text field. Upon selection of there color the text field will become populated with the HEX value of the color and the pallet will vanish.

Dropship - Wholesale Order Management System (PHP)

PHP based Wholesale Order Management System for drop-shipping services as well as palletized wholesale.

Python-cudtools - python module to use colorblind-friendly colors witn

A python module to help matplotlib use the colorblind friendly colors recommended by Masataka Okabe and Kei Ito at

Code-commenter - Small Application to insert comments around programming code

Small Application to insert comments around programming code. Written in C#. Useful when working on large programming projects with many developers. inserts comments like the following.... // AJH START - 'Pallet Labels' - 03/32/2009 1732 catch (Exception e) { MessageBox.Show(e.ToString()); } // AJH END

Gameplan - RPG Mapping

The goal for GamePlan is to have an application to generate maps for table top roleplaying games. The map maker will choose between grid types of square, hexagon, and isometric. The a map size is selected and an empty map is created. The user will then have painting tools to layout the background and a widget pallet to drag and drop items onto the map. StatusGamePlan is in the infancy stages and it not intended for general use. The Roadmap 0.3 version, which will have some simple widgets to drag

Ruda - Let X = X

Code repository, brain dump and unsorted projectsFeatured projects: airplane - Emulates the "Airplane Mode" behavior found in mobile devices. colorpicker - Show Color Picker with Clipboard interaction in Macs. rgb2clr - Converts X11 color names to Apple color pallete. vim - Vim color schemes: Satori, Zen & DarkZen. rpm2cpio - RPM2CPIO written in Python. proxy - Proxy Server, Reverse Proxy Server & Proxy with Filter Server.

Webde - WebDE is a Web Based PHP/XML/JavaScript/HTML IDE

WebDE is a Web Based PHP/XML/JavaScript/HTML IDE backed by a MySQL database, programmed in PHP. It will allow you to have a centralized location to perform all the IDE tasks that you commenly need. The project will be mainly managed from the projects website and its main website. So check there for updates. It will also feature one of my sister projects jsColorPallet. Visit its Google Code website for info about it.

Epallet - e pallet

web application for managing all your goods on pallet in your warehouse.

Data Matrix Pallet Scanning Library

Scanlib is a software library and standalone application that scans and decodes libdmtx compatible test-tubes. It is currently designed to decode 12x8 pallets that use 2D data-matrix laser etched test-tubes. Java bindings are incorporated via swig.

Jgbe - Java GameBoy Emulator

JGBE - Java GameBoy EmulatorAn emulator for the GameBoy/GameBoy Color written in Java. Latest ReleaseWe've made a new beta release, v752-b1. It's fully packed with all kinds of neat features: Emulation correctness improved A LOT Passes ``Demotronic Final'' demo emulator detection (It cannot distinguish JGBE from actual GameBoy hardware). Many games now work correctly (smurf 1, mario 2, batman, etc etc) Fullscreen mode Interpolation so you can make your window any size Recording and playing back