php pagination with shorter show page number

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pagination in php



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KnpPaginatorBundle - SEO friendly Symfony2 paginator to sort and paginate

SEO friendly Symfony2 paginator to sort and paginate

Nukebest - Lazy Google Tap per Php-Nuke

La soluzione definitiva al problema dell'indicizzazione della pagine di Nuke! Combatibile con tutte le versioni di Nuke. I pregi di Lazy Google Tap sono:- tutte le pagine (con non più di 4 variabili PHP) vengono coperte, non solo alcune;- anche tutti i moduli vengono coperti, anche se poco conosciuti e anche se non esiste un google-tap per loro;- nessuna necessità di aggiornamenti successivi. Puoi installare tutti i moduli che vuoi, verranno automaticamente coperti dal google-tap, senza bisogn

Pagerfanta - Pagination for PHP.

Pagination for PHP.

Sierra-php - PHP Application Framework

NewRead the Introduction to sierra-php article from php|architect Magazine published in June 2009. Overviewsierra-php is yet another PHP framework. It is compatible with both PHP 4 and 5. It provides a foundation of reusable object-oriented code for Linux/Unix/OS X PHP software implementations. This foundation includes the following: DRY: built specifically to eliminate redundant code and tasks, significantly increase productivity, and decrease supported codebase. For example, how many times hav

PHPDBB PHP Database Browser

PHP Database Browser (PHPDBB) is a lightweight PHP class that takes a regular SELECT query and outputs results in an HTML table with pagination, sorting, and filtering. Other features include column mappings and callbacks to manipulate the output data.

Kymera-table - PHP table project for use inside the kymera framework

PHP table and various handler scripts, including dynamic cascades, pagination, filtering, and crud operations.

Akelosframework - Akelos Framework. Ruby on Rails for PHP

Akelos PHP Framework, a Rails port to PHPPlease visit the new Akelos PHP Framework website at for, downloads, documentation, a new Screen cast!, community forum, documentation wiki, development site, reporting bugs The new source code repository lays at svn.akelos.orgIn order to switch your working copy from Google to the new hosted repository you'll need to run the following command: cd /path/to/your7akelos/working/copysvn switch --relocate http://akelosfram

pagination - A Kohana module for pagination

A Kohana module for pagination

Cake-extensions - Extensions for Cake

Extensions for Cake:Improved Paginator Engine: PaginatorComponent and ExtPaginatorHelper Improved Ajax Engine (with Jquery): Soon FileUpload and ImageHandler Engine: Soon Profile Engine(using Cake ACL and Auth): Soon Mask Engine: Soon