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PaceR is an attempt to encapsulate a lot of the common code functionality I use on different projects. Instead of recreating functionality from memory or worse, copying from older projects, I'd like to have a central location to maintain this common code.



Related Projects

Pacercms - Content management solution for student and non-daily community newspapers

PacerCMS is an open source adaptation of a PHP/MySQL application used to power a small weekly student newspaper Web site. The package serves as a basic framework for student and non-daily community newspapers. Update 1/2/2010: Active development on PacerCMS has ended. Read More The source code for PacerCMS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Back End ModulesArticle Manager (Linked) Media Manager Submitted Articles Issue Manager (Static) Page Manager Section Manager User Manag

pacer - Speed through your graph

Speed through your graph

Hoosierfan - Indiana sports related gadgets

These themes will, hopefully, give credit to their respective subject matter!

Robocode-kth-pacerevader - A Robocode robot that moves along the top and bottom of the battlefield.

PacerEvader is a Robocode robot whose basic strategy is to move along the top wall unless it hits another robot or is hit by a bullet, in which case it moves to the opposite wall. PacerEvader's strategy can be described as follows: Movement: Moves across the top wall, unless it is hit by a bullet or by a robot, in which case it will move to the bottom wall, and repeat the process. Targeting: Looks into the battlefield as it moves along a wall; fires at any robot it sees. Firing: Fires using a po

Pspacer - A precise software pacing module for the Linux

PSPacer (Precise Software Pacer) is a qdisc kernel module which realizes precise transmission bandwidth control. It makes bursty traffic which is often generated by TCP smooth without any special hardware. Bursty traffic can degrade the communication performance, because it causes buffer overflow at intermediate network nodes and results in packet losses. In a bursty traffic, packets are sent back to back. By adding a short pause in between the packets, traffic bursts can be avoided. PSPacer con

pacer-dex - Dex adapter for Pacer

Dex adapter for Pacer

pacer-rexster - Rexster adapter for Pacer

Rexster adapter for Pacer

pacer-titan - Titan adapter for Pacer

Titan adapter for Pacer

recap - Pacer Fixes

Pacer Fixes

pacer-agent - Use a Go-like concurrency strategy with Pacer

Use a Go-like concurrency strategy with Pacer