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Tvkaistaforxbmcv2 - v2 tvkaista plugin for xbmc

English summary: xbmc (xbox media center, http://xbmc.org) for Finnish PVR service tvkaista (http://www.tvkaista.fi). Author has no relations to the tvkaista service, he is just a happy customer. xbmc plugin tvkaista-palvelulle. Tekijä käyttää pluginia xboxilla xbmc t3ch 9.04-versiolla ja kehitystä tehdään eden:lla windowsilla ja dharmalla ubuntu linuxilla. Tämä projekti jatkaa siitä, mihin http://code.google.com/p/tvkaistaforxbmc/ jäi. Katso myös http://code.google.com/p/tvkaistabox

Sitedigger - Web数�抓�库/Web Scraping Library

sitedigger使用举例/Examples下载网页/Download webpage>>> from sitedigger import download>>> down = download.DownLoad()>>> result = down.getHtml("http://www.redicecn.com/tools/sitedigger.php")getHtml: http://www.redicecn.com/tools/sitedigger.phpTry to get http://www.redicecn.com/tools/sitedigger.php from caches Save http://www.redicecn.com/tools/sitedigger.php into caches >>> print result{'html': 'hello world!<br/>', 'cookie': 'PHPSESSID=a0ea3e7e70e30a95222908708ec6e628; '}模拟登录,�

Ptliar2 - fake seeding software

PTLiar, a lightweight command-line tool that can fake seeding (both uploading and downloading) torrents to private trackers. All you need to do is to put your torrent files into directories (respectively "up_torrents" and "down_torrents") and then start the application with options. PTLiar is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2). The software will always remain free and open-source. Bug reports or new ideas appreciated. 中文使用说明 下载地� Take a look at

Agpsourcegameplatform3 - AGPsource Game Platform 3.0

Игрова� платформа дл� бы�трого по�троени� браузерных игр различных жанров (�тратегии, менеджеры, RPG). Предо�тавл�ет базовые компоненты дл� разработки игры. В разработке - Game Class Library, �и�тема о�новных кла��ов и функций дл� облегчени� �оздани� игр. Детальнее о проекте �мотри

Hp48csharp - CSharp program to emulates the HP48G Calculator (Codename : ARISTON)

By : Paul LorenaObjective: Create a HP48G emulator in CSharp using the TDD (Test Driven Develeopment) methodology. Use best practices for the development, i.e.: design patterns, DOO (Design Object Oriented principles). Technical SpecificationThis project is open source This project is written in CSharp 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008 SP1) There is a subversion repository created to hosted the development(Google code host) , here the link https://hp48csharp.googlecode.com/ . You can browse the code http:

Hjpetstore - Hibernate Spring Jave EE application

Design DocumentDownload: PDF ODT(Open Office) DOC(MS Word) Description The following technologies are being used in the current implementation: Maven based build architecture JQuery fisheye kaptcha Spring MVC 3 OAuth Hibernate 3.5 JBoss Cache 3(alternative infinispan) JMS External Integration GlassFish 3 cluster Mysql fail-over and cluster Zabbix / Zapcat Check out the source code build and deploy The deprecated hjpetstore v1 (elementary combined with Hibernate, Spring, Strut1) is still availabl

Flex-training - A Course Designed for Learners with Diversified Background

Welcome to Flex for Java developers - Dec 08-10, 2008 at IBM Shanghai 欢迎访问Flex培训@IBM中国上海 Instructor 讲师: Jack Li (profile) - Flex Builder/Eclipse projects and source code used in this training can be checked out from http://flex-training.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ - Browse the source code online at http://code.google.com/p/flex-training/source/browse/trunk - PPT presentation can be found under the "Downloads" tab. - You are welcome to post your questions under the "Issues"

Inspathx - Path Disclosure Finder

WHATA tool that uses local source tree to make requests to the url and search for path inclusion error messages. It's a common problem in PHP web applications that we've been hating to see. We hope this tool triggers no path disclosure flaws any more. See our article about path disclosure. http://yehg.net/lab/pr0js/view.php/path_disclosure_vulnerability.txt Report bugs/suggestions to inspathx at yehg dot net. WHYWeb application developers sometimes fail to add safe checks against authentications

Fastnmp - The Fast Nginx+php+mysql+python+memcached+eaccelerator for Centos

The Fast Nginx+php+mysql+python+memcached+eaccelerator for CentosPHP 5.3.6 MYSQL 5.5.10 PYTHON 2.7 memcached 1.45 eaccelerator 0.96 CENTOS 5.5 within 32bit software list: mkdir -p /www/softwarewget http://www.rarsoft.com/rar/rarlinux-4.0.0.tar.gzwget http://monkey.org/~provos/libevent-2.0.10-stable.tar.gzwget http://nginx.org/download/nginx-0.8.54..tar.gzwget http://www.php.net/get/php-5.2.17.tar.gz/from/this/mirrorwget http://php-fpm.org/downloads/php-5.2.17-fpm-0.5.14.diff.gzwget http://ftp.gn

Sokolov-ajaxportal - A new architecture for enterprise portals. The project provides an implementati

We are moving to http://code.google.com/p/ajaxportal. Ajax Enterprise Portal Standard approach for Enterprise Portal was died 26 April 2010 when an example with ajax4all library was started. My contact E-Mail: s-sokolov@tut.by What is Ajax Portal? I propose a new enterprise portal architecture (Ajax Portal) which is based on Ajax calls exclusively. It simplifies portlet creation and even allows to forget about portlets as portal server side components. Instead, I propose to use any static or dyn