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Free Open Source ERP POS CRM Ajax Java enterprise

Php-vxp - An XPath 1.0 parser for PHP 5

VXP is a PHP 5 extension that parses an XPath 1.0 string and returns the Abstract Syntax Tree as a PHP Array. By default, the AST contains nodes named after the rules specified by the XPath 1.0 grammar. However, VXP can generate ASTs that conform to the more recent XPath 2.1 grammar. This is useful for either further processing or simply for testing against the reference Java XPath 2.1 parser provided by the W3C (see the W3C Grammar Test Page for XPath 2.1). VXP passes all 1028 XPath 1.0 tests p

Flickrwall - A wallpaper application integrated with Flickr

FlickrWall is an application to jazz up your desktop wallpapers. The application connects with Flickr.com to find stunning and vibrant images and applies them as your wallpaper. Currently the application gets amazing graffiti creations, but as time progress the theme structure will grow. The technical details: Written and tested on Ubuntu 7.10 with python 2.5 and connects to Flickr.com using flickrpy(http://code.google.com/p/flickrpy/).

Loderunner - Lode Runner Game for Mobile Phones (J2ME MIDlet)

Free and Open Source 'Lode Runner' Game for Mobile Phones (J2ME MIDlet) Clone of the original Apple II version Both 'LodeRunner' and 'LoderRunner Championship' versions are supported (300 levels total) Source is heavily commented Tested with Nokia phone MIDP 2.0 (should be easily portable to MIDP 1.0) --- NEWS --- I recommand the following fork from Pablo Grisafi who significantly improved my version, especially with regards to portability. http://code.google.com/p/loderunner-fork/

Collectivewowcharacter - plone3 contenttype, view, portlet

Change historyChangelog0.1 (09-03-10) Initial release 0.2 (09-03-10) Fixed a typo in wowcharacter.css Updated the wowrealmstatus images 0.3 (09-06-10) Added generic deDE i18n 0.4 (09-10-10)(armory_api.py) modified armory-API to fetch additional info (arenateams, glyphs, secondary professions) (wowcharacter.py) added char_arena_teams(), char_glyphs(), char_secondary_professions(), char_activity() and char_activity_feed() (wowcharater.pt) display additional info from the APIs, added numerated head

Wowrealmstatusapi - Python World of Warcraft Realmstatus API

Change historyChangelog0.1 (09-13-10) Initial release 0.2 (09-13-10) Added doctest 0.3 (09-13-10) More detailed doctest (also used as readme) 0.4 (09-16-10) Fixed a typo in the doctest Changed get_realm_status(self, name) and get_realm_type(self, name) to (self, \\ names) Detailed DocumentationIntroductionThe realmstatus-API reads the realmstatus-xml from wow-europe.com to get the status of a specified realm ("Realm Up/Realm Down") and the type of the realm (PvE,PvP etc.). UsageTo use the API, j

Theaquarium - a game without gameplay

The Aquarium a project by Hogent students - Stijn Duynslaeger - Kris Dehaudt - Mathias D'Haeseleer - Pieter Colpaert CONTENTS 1. INSTALL 2. TESTED 3. REQUIREMENTS 4. LICENSE INSTALL This is a Java project and does not need installation. All you need to do is cd to the project location and launch java -jar TheAquarium.jar TESTED The aquarium has been tested on several machines such as: Ubuntu 9.10 without compiz Fedora 12 Windows NT6.0 Windows NT6.1 Tested with: OpenJDK 6 runtime Sun java 6 runti

Aop4php - AOP implementation for PHP by proxy-classes

IntroductionInstallPlease, download latest version of library from Downloads section or checkout from SVN. Upack package file to your project directory. Usageinclude('aop/AOPProvider.class.php');include('aop/AOPProxy.class.php');include('classes/Test.class.php');// array config example$points1 = array(\tarray(\t\t'point' => array('class'=>'Test','method'=>'insert'),\t\t'event'\t => 'before',\t\t'advice'=> array('adviceController','insert')\t),\tarray(\t\t'point' => array('class'=>'Test','method'

Cyipopt - Python wrapper for the Ipopt optimization package, written in Cython.

IntroductionIpopt (Interior Point OPTimizer, pronounced eye-pea-Opt) is a software package for large-scale nonlinear optimization. cyipopt is a python wrapper around Ipopt. It enables using Ipopt from the comfort of the great Python scripting language. cyipopt is similar to pyipopt (http://code.google.com/p/pyipopt/) but is written in Cython. This, IMHO, makes it much easier to develop and maintain. Ipopt is available from the COIN-OR initiative (https://projects.coin-or.org/Ipopt), under the Ec

Jquery-drag-spinbox - Draggable spinbox UI by jQuery

English | Japanese Introductionjquery.drag-spinbox.js is a simple jQuery plugin that provide a draggable spinbox user interface. SampleDemoPage How to Setting1. Prepare there scripts jquery-.js http://code.google.com/p/jqueryjs/ jquery.drag-spinbox.js http://code.google.com/p/jquery-drag-spinbox/downloads/list 2. Include scripts use script tag. <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.drag-spinbox.js"></script>3. Make "input" box and "div