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Style for Qt4, derived from the Style for the Oxygen project

OxygenOffice Professional - Office Suite

OxygenOffice Professional(OOOP, O2OP)is an enhanced version of free OpenOffice.org what is a multi-platform office productivity suite.OxygenOffice Professional contains more extras like templates, cliparts, samples, fonts and VBA support. Get 3.2.1


GeOxygene aims at providing an open framework which implements OGC/ISO specifications for the development and deployment of geographic (GIS) applications. It is a open source contribution of the COGIT lab. at the IGN (the French National Mapping Agency).


ECMOjo is a simulator and trainer for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). ECMOjo consists of a graphical user interface to allow interaction and train ECMO practitioners.

Oxygen Basic

Compact embeddable JIT compiler that reads C headers and compiles to x86 machine code. Executes directly in memory or creates DLLs and EXE files. Supports overloading and OOP. Currently available for MS platforms. 64bit in progress

O2js - Oxygen JavaScript Library

Oxygen JavaScript Library http://www.o2js.com/ Oxygen is a modular, cross-browser, reusable and fast JavaScript library, which aims to make client-side programming easy and fun. Oxygen is free software. It is distrubuted under the GNU LGPL 2.1 license. Please visit http://www.o2js.com/ for the newest version of Oxygen, along with license details, platform requirements, usage examples, and more...

Blueoxygen - BlueOxygen Projects

BlueOxygen Project is the umbrella for all blueoxygen projects. please visit http://www.blueoxygen.org for the labs or visit http://www.blueoxygen.net for marketplace and the networks

Quarkos64 - A 64 bit OS written in assembler and minimal C

A 64 bit OS written in assembler and minimal C A combination of the Big Bang, Oxygen, and Helium Projects. QuarkOS is a monotasking (per core) operating system that is able to use multiple CPU cores in able to run concurrent operations. This is done through Oxygen which also is responsible for filesystem access, networking, video access, and interfacing with the Helium UI system.

Freshstart - Open Source Projects from FreshStart, a division of StartupOxygen.com Private Limited

IntroductionCurrently StartupOxygen.com Private Limited's open source strategy is defined for the following domains: Healthcare (hc) Education (ed) Government (gv) Web 2.0 Consumer Apps (wt) ResourcesDataModelDesignGuidelines