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otl is a text processor for generating markup from plain text. Much of both the input and output formats can be customized. otl supports structures such as nested ordered lists, headers and footers, and tables.




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Gcog - generate code with inlined Groovy code

IntroductionGenerate code with inlined Groovy code. Original idea and code from the Cog code generation tool. SyntaxThe syntax is mostly the same as cog (see http://nedbatchelder.com/code/cog for description). ...//[[[gcog outl("Hello World!") ]]]Hello World!//[[[end]]]...Example Usage with AntHere is a build.xml-snippet which runs gcog for all java sources containing the keyword [[[cog : <!-- don't forget to put groovy and gcog on run.classpath -->\t<fileset id="myfiles" dir=".">\t\t<include na

Xtext-workshop-code1 - Example code (version 1) for Xtext workshop

This project provides the code for an Xtext workshop. The Xtext feature covered are: - the Xtext DSL language - code generation templates with Xpand & Xtend - scoping - validation (Java) - changing icons in the outling - implementing formating