Ottawa IT Camp

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OttITCamp is a fun filled day of "meat only" presentations. By technical people, for technical people! This event is held at Algonquin College every spring.



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gSOAP Toolkit

Development toolkit for Web services and XML data bindings for Camp;C++

Pittsburgh Code Camp iPhone App

The Pittsburgh Code Camp iPhone Application is meant as a demonstration of the creation of an iPhone application while at the same time providing the attendees of the 2010.1 code camp a potentially useful application.

Code Camp Room Planner

An application to help plan sessions at a code camp. The assumption is made that the sessions have been chosen, and that attendees have been surveyed as to which sessions they plan to attend. The app will help the organizer decide the best schedule with the data.

Austincodecamp08 - Sample Repository for Austin Code Camp 08

This will be a central repository for Speakers to put their presentations and code samples. It will also serve as a location for people to download presentations from the conference.

Vanbox - Van Riper's GreaseMonkey User Script Sandbox

As I continue my personal tinkering with GreaseMonkey user scripts, I will use this project to manage the script files and any supporting documentation/downloads. Silicon Valley Code Camp: Firefox Add-OnThis Firefox Add-On (AKA Extension) allows you to highlight Silicon Valley Code Camp sessions by topic when viewing the schedule view of all sessions. Instructions for installing the Firefox Add-On are here. If you simply want to update your installation of Firefox to the latest version of the Si

Code Camp Module for DotNetNuke

This is a Code Camp module, written by Will Strohl. Feel free to use it to manage your Day of DotNetNuke, Code Camp or similar events. It handles reigstration of speakers and attendees, sessions, speaker profiles, and more.

Austin-codecamp-2010 - Austin Code Camp 2010

Project to store and disseminate session materials for ADNUG's Code Camp 2010 conference