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othello game




Related Projects

Othello Master

A 3-D Othello (Reversi) gaming environment.

Oware/Reversi Midlet (GPL)

This is a program for Oware and Reversi (Othello) for J2ME/Cell and (PlamOS with IBM WME VM). Oware (popular in Africa) is a Mancala game suitable for adults. Reversi (Othello) is included. Based on mobilesuite (on sourceforge) with modifications.

Atilo (Reversi)

'Atilo' is a reversi (Othello) game under Gnome. There are several level of game, from beginners to confirmed (up to 10 levels of analyse ahead). There are also several strategies (program try to maximise his number of pawns, try to minimize, etc.).

Flyothello - A Othello game

A Othello game based on java

Jothello - a java implementation of the board game Othello

this is a java implementation of Othello for a course in artificial intelligence.

Othello-o1 - Othello player

O1 will be a great player of Othello that wants to beat the best nowadays players!!!