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a lightweight enterprise application framework for .NET platform. Origami contain Depedency Injection Contaier, Data Access, Logging, and Security application block.




Related Projects

Origamihelper - A set of tools to make origami diagraming easier with inkscape

origamiHelper is a set of python's extensions written for the SVG based software Inkscape. It aims to make the life easier for origami diagramist, allowing him to access to a full library of symbols, styles, and to a set of helper for drawing some complex but common figures. As Inkscape 0.46 is just available to download, I begin to work on the real extension. OrigamiHelper consists in three independant extensions : OrigamiHelperStylist: select the type of fold, the paper side, the type of arrow

Origami-folding-simulator - Attempts at an origami folding simulator

The main goal of our project after discovering the results described above turned to writing, in Java, a folding simulation program. With luck, this would help us discover the crease patterns for solving the checkerboard patterns.

Jorigami - JOrigami is a collection of algorithms for computational origami

Some algorithms studied by computational origami does not have an implementation. JOrigami solves the famous and funny fold-and-cut using Demaine's (et al) disk packing implementation:http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~edemaine/foldcut/There is also another solution for this problem, using straigth skeletons and other computational geometry algorithms and data structures.JOrigami plans to implement Lang's Three method for origami design.http://www.langorigami.com/

JOrigami - Computational Origami in Java

JOrigami is a collection of algorithms for computational origami. Some algorithms studied by computational origami does not have an implementation. JOrigami solves the famous and funny fold-and-cut using Demaine's disk packing implementation.

Timekeeper4 - A rebuild of the Timekeeper application using the Origami/JAZZ framework

This application will use the same database and -model as the original Timekeeper. The new version will decouple the application into Data, Control and Display layers for more efficient operation.

Dataorigamiexamples - Example snippets from Data Origami Blog

This project contains code snippets used to illustrate how to work features in different tools used for data visualization.

Ockham-spell - This system implements a simple Web Service called spell -- suggestions for alternati

Given a URL that looks like this: http://spell.ockham.org/?word=origamithe spell service will return an XML stream looking like this: <spell> <version>0.1</version> <word>origami</word> <dictionary>master</dictionary> <spellings> <spelling>origami</spelling> <spelling>origem</spelling> <spelling>irrigam</spelling> <spelling>obrigam</spelling> </spellings> </spell>Clients are then expected to read the XML and provide enhanced services to users. A primary example is to suggest alternative queries

Origami-framework - Origami - Object Relational Gateway Microarchitecture

Origami (Object Relational Gateway Microarchitecture)is lightweight ORM Framework for .NET platform. Features : - Automagically CRUD (Create,Read,Update,Delete) - Transaction\t\t\t - Stored Procedure \t\t - Relationship (One-to-one,Many-to-one,One-To-Many) - Criteria Query\t\t - Aggregate Query\t\t - Native Query\t\t\t - Classic ADO.NET\t\t\t - Query Builder - Dataset\t - Data Binding\t\t - Database Independent\t\t\t - Object Serialization

Origami-pdf - Origami is a Ruby framework designed to parse, analyze, and forge PDF documents.

This is NOT a PDF rendering library. It aims at providing a scripting tool to generate and analyze malicious PDF files. As well, it can be used to create on-the-fly customized PDFs, or to inject (evil) code into already existing documents. Create PDF documents from scratch. Parse existing documents, modify them and recompile them. Explore documents at the object level, going deep into the document structure, uncompressing PDF object streams and desobfuscating names and strings. High-level operat