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Ifc-dotnet - A .Net library for working with IFC data

Ifc-dotnet is a library which provides .Net classes and serializers/deserializers for working with Industry Foundation Classes. Ifc-dotnet is very much in Alpha stage of development and should be treated accordingly, please do not run in a production environment and do expect things to be broken. Thanks for testing Ifc-dotnet. Please report any bugs you find to the Issue Tracker. Currently Ifc-dotnet supports the serialization (export) and deserialization (import) of ifcXml files to the IFC2x3 s

Openid-server - JOIDS(Java OpenID Server). A multi-domain, multi-user OpenID Provider

JOIDS(Java OpenID Server) is a multi-domain, multi-user OpenID Provider based on OpenID4Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Velocity. FeaturesOpenID Identifier in the format http(s):// or http(s):// etc. Multi-domain support. Multi-user support. Account management. Multilingual support (now ba, de, en_US, es, hr, ja, pt, sr, zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_TW are available). RequirementsJDK 1.5+ A servlet container (such as Apache Tomcat, for more containers see List of S