Orchard BlogML Module

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Orchard BlogML Module The Orchard BlogML module allows users to import blogs from other blogging engines in to orchard, and also allows users to migrate there blogs out of orchard.




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BlogML .NET a set of .NET libraries for working with the BlogML format. You can learn more about BlogML by visiting its website: http://code.google.com/p/blogml

Blog Importer

A click one application used to import BlogML or RSS into your blog through web services.

MetaWebLog To BlogML Converter

A very handy utility that utlizes the MetWeblog API to generate the corresponding BlogML for the content present on a Blog site. This would provide a quick and clean way to migrate your posts from an exisitng blogging tool to BlogEngine.NET or any blogging application that su...


DnnBlogML allows import/export between the core DotNetNuke Blog module and the BlogML format. It's developed in Visual Basic, targeting .NET 3.5 SP1 framework, DotNetNuke 05.00.01, Blog 03.05.01.

Metaweblogs to WordPress Migration Tools

Do you have a GeeksWithBlogs blog? Do you ever think about the cool feature that you could have if you moved to WordPress?

Atomsite - AtomSite - AtomPub Web Site Content Management System and Blog Engine

AtomSite is a standards-based web publishing system. It's free, open and built using Microsoft's latest web framework. It'll have your website up in a snap! AtomSite is built with extensible web standards that unleash your social website and blog AtomSite makes it easy to build a customized website where social interaction flourishes and the content is search engine optimized Start a blog, manage a website, and publish your great content online. With extensibility built in, the possibilities are

Vancouverblogengine - Vancouver blog engine using cutting edge web technologies

Blog engine code name "Vancouver" is a new open source, community driven blog engine, Based on ASP.NET MVC, The engine will have these goals to achieve. Easy to deploy Multi-language support as well as Left to right/right to left Easy to customize Minimize cost to host MetaBlog API support Secure Easy to migrate (either to or from) Extensible Vancouver blog engine, will provide a basic blog functionality,which means all what you expect from any other blog engine will be built-in, such as Create/

GeeksWithBlogs to BlogML to Orchard

Migrate your GeeksWithBlogs blog to Orchard CMS via a BlogML import module for Orchard. Includes all content, comments, tags and image export and path rewrite. Exports as a single XML file and images folder with all the images from your blog - currently you will need to ...

sitefinity-blogml - BlogML import module for Sitefinity 5.x

BlogML import module for Sitefinity 5.x


A command tool that exports Oxite blog engine database into BlogML format.