Automatic License Plate Recognition

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Simple Automatic Number Plate Recognition System



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uniCenta oPos - Award wining Point of Sale Software

uniCenta oPos is an award wining Point of Sale Software. It provides support Barcode Scanning, Card Processing, Multi-Payment, Multi lingual, Multi-Terminal, Managing inventory and lot more.

Jopo - Java library for OPO

Java library built on top of the Jenabean framework for working with OPO data.


Opo.Net consists of the two projects Opo.Net.Mail and Opo.Net.Mime, which contain mainly a POP3 client and associated stuff for handling mail messages.

Opo4wmd - OPO Runtime for Windows Mobile Devices

Runtime for OPO bytecode for Windows Mobile 5 based devices. Allows applications translated from OPL source code to be run on Windows Mobile instead of they default Psion environment.

Onlinepresence - Online Presence Ontology (OPO) Code Repository

IntroductionThis is the Online Presence Ontology (OPO) code repository intended for storing tools we develop for generating and manipulating OPO data. jOPOIn order to start generating OPO data from Java, you can use our jOPO library. jOPO is a set of POJO classes reflecting classes from the OPO ontology and annotated with Jenabean annotations. Jenabean allows us to work with plain POJO classes which are serialized to and deserialized from RDF. Using jOPOIn order to use jOPO, you can download a j

Deviceservices - WCF Self Hosted Duplex Service for Chubby Client

Creating a simple self hosted WCF Duplex service to provide device driver and OPOS services for chubby Silverlight clients


Cash register POS software for bars and small shops. Touch based GUI, very simple to use and fast. Selling operations are based on the old cash registers to preserve users skills. Completely designed to be integrated with Wepos Windows, supports POS .NET / OPOS devices and more..

Oposwebadmin - Opos Web Admin

Tool for management account's rooles and privielegniets on ASP .NET based web site

Opo Perspective

Opo Perspective is a webmail client developed with ASP.NET MVC and C#. - Flexible (different mail servers and protocols) - Extensible (add functionality like calendar, notes etc. as modules) - Ajaxified UI (unobtrusive JavaScript using jQuery) - Conversations, tags, search etc.

K8055so - POS for .NET Service Object for Velleman USB Experiment Interface Board K8055

With this POS for .NET service object driver you can communicate with Velleman USB Experiment Interface Board K8055 under Windows operating systems. This project using Velleman K8055 Experiment Interface Board K8055 as ligths control device.

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