Open vSwitch - Multilayer Virtual Switch

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Open vSwitch is well suited to function as a virtual switch in VM environments. In addition to exposing standard control and visibility interfaces to the virtual networking layer, it was designed to support distribution across multiple physical servers. Open vSwitch supports multiple Linux-based virtualization technologies including Xen/XenServer, KVM, and VirtualBox.



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Mininet - An Instant Virtual Network on your Laptop (or other PC)

Mininet emulates a complete network of hosts, links, and switches on a single machine. It creates a realistic virtual network, running real kernel, switch and application code, on a single machine (VM, cloud or native), in seconds, with a single command.

openvswitch - Production Quality, Multilayer Open Virtual Switch

Production Quality, Multilayer Open Virtual Switch

Virtual Cluster -- Corona

Construct and management virtual clusters which the nodes of the clusters running on the virtual machine rather than native machine. Fast install and switch virtual clusters. Efficiently storage vm images. support variant VMMs.

Weave - Simple, Resilient Multi-host Docker Networking

Weave is a simple, portable and reliable way to network and manage containers and microservices. It provides a simple and resilient network for your application that is portable across data centers and public clouds. Weave Net creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers across multiple hosts and enables their automatic discovery.


Erlang Virtual Switch is a Erlang based virtual switch control plane used to create virtual switch proxies for OpenFlow devices or IaaS Framework

Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer)

Linux Dynamic Switch (IP/MAC Killer) is designed to switch datagram based on the incoming network interface. The switch will not check the IP (or MAC) address of those datagram. It will forward the packages to the proper outgoing network interface(s). Thi

SDN - This repo includes PowerShell scripts and VMM service templates for setting up the Microsoft Software Defined Networking (SDN) Stack using Windows Server 2016

This repo includes scripts, templates, and sample switch configurations to aid admins in deploying the Windows Server 2016 Software Defined Networking (SDN) Stack and connecting it to their existing network topologies. It also includes sample diagnostics and examples for attaching Windows Container endpoints to a virtual network in additon to other tenant workflows.The SDNExpress scripts will deploy the entire SDN Fabric including Network Controller, Software Load Balancer, and Gateway. The script will use a configuration file as input which defines the IP subnet prefixes, VLANs, credentials, Hyper-V Host servers, and BGP Peering info required by the SDN Fabric. At a minimum, a user will need to download the SDNExpress scripts to a host from which deployment will occur. The directory containing the SDNExpress scripts will need to have Read/Write permissions open for all hosts to be used in the deployment. The FabricConfig.psd1 configuration file will need to be customized for your environment and will be used by the SDNExpress.ps1 script to setup the SDN fabric resources. After the fabric resources are setup, the SDNExpressTenant.ps1 script can be run to create a sample, single-tenant, two-tier application (Web and Database) which uses default ACLs and two virtual subnets.

fuel-plugin-mellanox - Fuel plugin for Mellanox support

These features reduce CPU overhead, boost throughput, reduce latency, and enable network traffic to bypass the software switch layer (e.g. Open vSwitch). Mellanox Plugin integration with Mellanox NEO SDN Controller enables switch VLAN auto provisioning and port configuration for Ethernet and SM PKey auto provisioning for InfiniBand networks, over private VLAN networks.The Mellanox ConnectX-4 adapters family supports up to 100 Gb/s. To reach 100 Gb/s speed in your network with ConnectX-4 adapters, you must use Mellanox Ethernet / Infiniband switches supporting 100 Gb (e.g. SN2700 (ETH), SB7700 (IB)). The switch ports should be configured specifically to use 100 Gb speed. No additional configuration is required on the adapter side.

ivs - Indigo Virtual Switch

Indigo Virtual Switch

vfs - linux virtual filesystem switch

linux virtual filesystem switch

dives - Distributed Virtual Ethernet Switch

Distributed Virtual Ethernet Switch

network-env - Scripts to switch network environment

Scripts to switch network environment

Libvirt - The virtualization API

Libvirt is collection of software that provides a convenient way to manage virtual machines and other virtualization functionality, such as storage and network interface management. These software pieces include an API library, a daemon (libvirtd), and a command line utility (virsh). It provides a single way to manage multiple different virtualization providers/hypervisors like Xen, OpenVZ, VirualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor, VMware.


Switch Theme allows WordPress Network Administrators to automatically switch all the themes on their WordPress installation to a different theme.

paper-switch - A Switch Web Component built using Polymer

Import component using `<link rel="import" href="./path/to/paper-switch.html">`Then add the following markup```html<paper-switch></paper-switch>```To turn the switch on by default use the `on=true` attribute```html<paper-switch on=true></paper-switch>```

NetworkSimulator - Network Simulator for my networks class to simulate how routers switch packets.

Network Simulator for my networks class to simulate how routers switch packets.

virtual network in Linux kernel

This program tries to build a virtual network from the kernel level. Its aim is to allow users to build a large network, and to provide the virtualization of the network for the application.


[Note: This is a fork from] - l2mesh is a tinc based virtual switch, implemented as a puppet module. It creates a new ethernet interface on the machine and connects it to the switch.