Open Song to Chord Pro converter

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A converter to convert sheet music from the Open Song format to the Chord Pro format



Related Projects


Chordii, formerly known as Chordie, creates elegant, printable stafless lead sheets for musicians needing only chords and lyrics. It processes plain text input in ChordPro format and it is the successor to the old though still popular Chord program.

Online Songbook

The Online Songbook is a web interface to a database of songs. Allows users to collaboratively edit songs in ChordPro format, create and share collections of songs, and print collections in a variety of formats.


OpenSong is a free software application for managing chords and lyrics sheets (lead sheets), presenting lyrics (and custom slides) using a projector, and much more! Great for worship leaders and musicians!


AutoLyrix: The open-source lyrics, artwork (AlbumArt) and SyncLyrics searcher. It auto-downloads the lyric/albumart for the song that you are listening! Supported Players: WinAmp,WMPlayer,iTunes,MediaMonkey and more! Visit:

Worship-planner-qr - Web-based worship gathering planning tool

Worship Planner QR is a tool for planning worship gatherings, and was developed with volunteer worship leaders in mind (although church staff are welcome to use it). It provides a centralized web-based system for scheduling worship team members, sharing chord charts and lead sheets, and communicating effectively with everyone on your team. As a volunteer worship leader, it can be a challenge to find the necessary time to plan a time of corporate worship that will really draw people into God's pr

Chordshop - Chordshop produces high quality PDF chord sheets and songbooks.

Chordshop produces high quality PDF chord sheets and songbooks. It uses the general ChordPro format and adds some extensions of its own. These extensions allow for advanced features like the support of measures, on-the-fly transposition, and dual chord lines to show capoed chords along with the actual chords. It also provides a handy GUI to aid in the editing of ChordPro files and the creation of chord diagrams. This project is currently on indefinite hold until I have time to resume it. I was i

Harkministry - Developing Christian technology

Dedicated to developing technology around Jesus Christ. To help promote and preseve his presence in the world.

Chord 4.0

Java version of the Chord (a.k.a. ChordPro) program for guitar player music sheet formatting. By the authors of the 1991 version of chord (version 3.5.1)

Worship - HTML worship manager

An open-source worship manager written exclusively in HTML & JavaScript, that can be run from a Google Chrome window without an internet connection. Allows lyrics to be projected, chords to be transposed and printed, and setlists to be created and shared between remote computers. Integrates with S5 to allow the display of presentations and images from within a single interface.


Asaph is a tool for Christian music groups and worship leaders for managing song databases. Features include printing lead sheets and song books with or without chord markings, and generating presentations for use in group worship.