Openshottimer - GPL Shot Timer for the Android platform

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A GPLed Shot Timer written in Java targeting the Android platform. The goal of the project is to provide a shot timer with functionality on par with commodity timers like the CED 7k/8k along with new features that exploit the camera and connectivity that most Android devices have.



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SDL Sopwith

SDL Sopwith is a port of the classic 8086 biplane shoot-em-up game to modern computers.


Sparklet is a networked multiplayer 2D space shooting game where the player pilots a space ship and fights other players. Different maps, space ships and game modes are available. It is written in pure ansi c++ and runs well on linux and Windows.

Shoot Out

Shoot out is a top-down, scrolling, arcade shooter.


This is a conversion-to-binary training game prototype. Random bits appear, and you must shoot them where they fit onto various bytes (given in octal, hex or even bit ops, decimal or Ascii). Shoot wrongly and you lose that byte, or get it right and win.

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Jplanets is a simple game for one or two players. Every player has a starship, between the ships there are three planets. The goal is to shoot and destroy the other starship launching a rocket that obey the gravity laws.

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Dreams Eternal is an FPS game with focus on storyline instead of shooting. The goal of the game is to have a scary athmosphere. Basicly the game will play in the dream world and will concentrate on puzzle solving. Crystal Space is used for 3D.

garden of coloured lights

A multiplatform vertical shoot-em-up with non-traditional elements.

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This project is an off-shoot of the EGADSS project. The nature of the changes made to the PD CLIPS code means a separate project would be best. This is an FOSS version of the PD CLIPS Engine to include such features as backwards chaining and more....