OpenRules - Business Rules Management System

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OpenRules® is a full-scale Business Rules Management System (BRMS) that provides a powerful while simple Open Source software for Rules-based Application Development. Integrated with MS Excel and Eclipse IDE. Supported from



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OpenL for OpenRules

OpenL implements Java-like languages allowing to use code snippets placed in Excel, XML, or DB. OpenL is a foundation for OpenRules Maintained from

Leadiv-projects - A repository for all my projects...maybe

20 Feb 2008 -- The Reunion project has been added today. You can check it out on the source tab for the SVN source code. More information will be coming soon. 23 Jul 2008 -- Updated the VEM project with an updated version that mimics's spore2 simulation. 8 Sep 2008 -- Uploaded an early version of OpenRule an open source screen ruler. For more information here is my current updates. If you are new take a look at my first post. 29 Oct 2008 -- OpenRule is now at a first version. This