OpenGraph .NET

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A C# client for the Facebook Graph API. Supports desktop, web, ASP.NET MVC, and Silverlight connections and real-time updates. PLEASE NOTE: I discovered an issue with Post objects last night and have uploaded a new version,



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IsaPlanner Reasoning Tools

IsaPlanner is a collection of reasoning tools: a proof planner for Isabelle, implementing a Rippling based inductive theorem prover; theory synthesis tools for Isabelle; an open-graph based tool for reasoning about quantum information (quantomatic);

My-opengraph-test-lab - My Opengraph Test LAb

I'm playng with opengraph api and PHP SDK (Facebook API).

Silvergraph - use opengraph with silverstripe

Integrate your website into the social graph and add like buttons on your pages.

opengraph - Helper class for accessing the OpenGraph Protocol

Helper class for accessing the OpenGraph Protocol

Prestashop-facebook-opengraph-module - Implements OpenGraph API as Prestashop module

IntroductionThis plugin implements facebook OpenGraph API for products and whole site at all. WhyI wrote short article describing why is good to use OpenGraph API. InstallationInstallation is following best practices in prestashop, so Download .zip file Unzip to <..your-prestashop-folder../modules/>. Install plugin in your modules admin section, is in "seo" tab. Provide your fac

Jsharpie - Simple Search Results Highlighter in Java

JSharpie Felipe Oliveira October 12 2010 Introduction Very simple set of Java classes that highlights search results. This set of classes has many limitations: It's a standard Maven project ( It's currently set as a Eclipse project, with a nice project setup, cleeaning up the code, removing unsued imports, formatting the code after each file save. -> It only highlights individual words, it doesn't know how to identify "felipe oliveira" as one search term


A Ruby wrapper for the Open Graph protocol.

Adraadra - A simple flash facebook game based on OpenGraph API

Game Description: The objective of this game is to fill the Pot by clicking on the pump as fast as you can. Social System: The game retrieves the list of your friends who have played the game and shows it in Hall of Fame screen along with their highest scores. The game allows publishing high scores on the users wall. Note: A cleaner code with more comments would be updated soon. visit to play the game

Psx - because it is the logical conclusion

PSX is a framework for developing dynamic websites in PHP. The goal of PSX is to help you developing RESTful APIs serving web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS. It has a focus on social technologies and provides classes to use and implement OAuth, OpenID, Opengraph, Opensocial, Opensearch, PubSubHubbub, Atom, and RSS. For more informations please visit