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OpenCLI brings a linux style CLI written in .NET. It acts as a portal from linux style commands, to their commands on the windows system. It is useful to Sysadmins, who wish to deny their uses to the power of Command Prompt, yet want them to be able to user a CLI.



Related Projects


OpenCabling is a program to document, manage and organize the active and passive parts (from campus distributors to floor distributors) of a networking infrastructure. With OpenCabling you can track all your patch and follow the path of your cabling


OpenC2C is a social e-commerce consumer to consumer web app. It offers products registration, peers review, products categorization, multi-currencies management, multi-language management and will offer secure payment. Try it on:


OpenCity is another 3D city simulator. You can build residential, commercial and industrial zones then supply them with necessary goods and watch them grow up. Version 0.0.6stable is now available for download. Any feature request/bug report is welcome

Opencs - Open C# libraries

This project provides helpful libraries for C# application development.

Battletamagotchi - Battle Tamagotchi

Online Battle & Dungeon Crawler "Tamagotchi" game for Nokia series 60 3º ed

Monotheism - A simple, yet flexible, PRAY file creator for the C2E/openc2e game engine

MonoTheism is a utility based on the .NET/Mono platform that can be used to create, primarily, .agents files for games based on the 'Creatures Evolution Engine' (C2E), such as Creatures 3 or Docking Station.


OpenC++ is C++ frontend library (parser+typechecker+DOM/MOP) and source-to-source translator. OpenC++ enables development of C++ tools, language extensions, domain specific compiler optimizations and runtime metaobject protocols.

OpenC6 - Linux C6 Messenger

OpenC6 is a Linux and Mac OSX free instant messenger which implements the C6 protocol


OpenCAL (Open Computer Animation Library) is a cross-platform animation library, written in C++. It contains utilities for animation (matrices, vectors, quaternions, ...), and animation techniques to be used (key framing, rigid body simulation, ...)


OpenC2Pas is a C/C++/BCB to Object Pascal (Delphi/Kylix) translator. It's just a time saver, for now: do not expect any complete and exhaustive conversion, but it can convert a big portion of code for you.