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OOP is a C++ framework, which provides many utilities to make easier for C++ programmers to develop C++ program




Related Projects

BAIK Scripting Language

BAIK is a scripting language which syntax is in Indonesian for Linux and Windows. It supports Animation, PDF, UTF8, Printer, OOP, GUI, CGI, Databases, Graphics and TCP/IP. quot;BAIK adalah bahasa komputer dalam bahasa Indonesia untuk Linux dan Windows

Qcodo - Code Less Do More

The Qcodo Development Framework is an open-source PHP web application framework which builds an Object Relational Model (ORM), CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) UI pages, and AJAX hooks from an existing data model. It additionally includes a tightly-integrated HTML and JavaScript form toolkit which interfaces directly with the generated entities. It is a robust, comprehensive framework which can be utilized by small and large Web applications alike.


Zigmoyd Is an well Documented open source php Framework based on OOPS works both on PHP4 and 5 with the professional and Industrial Standerds like MVC, ORM, Scaffolding ..... released under LGPL Licence that fits under the common shared Hosting packages


Quagmire is a research project on OOP using plain C. An example of usage is given in Aquamarine, a retro-minimalistic GUI class library that provides LED and phosphor displays, and Quidnunc, a system monitor written using Aquamarine.

php dom xml

phpdomxml is an OOP implementation of the XML DOM for PHP. Its aim is to be a light-weight implementation for 'every-day' usage of XML-documents in a PHP 4.10+ environment.


ForwardFW is a PHP framework for web applications. MVC and OOP and use PEAR (MDB). Usage of filters for input and output filtering (FirePHP), configureable templater (SMARTY), different Loggers, multilanguage support (textless templates).

Qomo Project

Qomo Project is a JavaScript-implemated, custom-cuttable OOP framework (with namespace, AOP, templet ...) and UI Library for Web Browsers. The project is opened for all JavaScript fans, DOM specialists, etc. Hope you join/impulse now.

Oopspiel - oop

oop spiel fh frankfurt 2007