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Silverlight OOB Library It supports useful custom controls. WindowChrome, InstallScreen.



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Twitlight - A Silverlight based Twitter client application.

Use Silverlight 3 OOB technology and Twitter APIs to build WPF web application.

Silverlight OOB Extension

Silverlight OOB extension for offline data caching. Silverlight 3 brings the out-of-browser (OOB) feature. Perfect for the offline use of Silverlight applications. The only problem is data access. The Silverlight OOB extension helps with this problem and caches data.

jeft is a JavaScript dynamic effect framework

Description jeft is based on object-oriented, providing efficient,easy to use with the extended modified effects. It can be used in conjunction with other frameworks, such jquery.

Poedataenvelope - POE::Data::Envelope

This is a class for use in POE::Filters and POE::Filter::Stackable. This class provides out of band data transmission that may be lost in translation if you have a particularly long filter chain.

Twitterbeis - Blog, Email, IM and Search utility based on Twitter

Visit to use and install TwitterBEIS.TwitterBEIS is to bring Twitter to your desktop and permit you to use Twitter offline. We achieve the goals through new features introduced in Silverlight 3, such as Out of Browser, Isolated Storage etc. Silverlight is cross-browser and cross-platform and hence TwitterBEIS is Browser and OS independent as well. That means via TwitterBEIS, you can use Twitter either through Web (Browser) or Standalone client (OOB) on your deskto

Switch Out-of-Band Management Library

Automate the management of Cisco switches out-of-band (OOB) for extra security and reliability. Uses serial ports; version 2 is thread-safe and supports multiple switches.


The SL8.SL is a set of extension for silverlight. include mvvm,data validate,linq to sql, custom data page,oob helper etc. SL8.SL make easier to develop sl app

List Driven Custom Menu Data Source for SharePoint Server 2010

List based Custom Menu Site Map Provider for SharePoint Server 2010 which extends the OOB menu provider and provide rich functionality.

Shoutcast MediaStreamSource

Shoutcast MediaStreamSource is a MediaStreamSource implementation of the Shoutcast protocol for Silverlight. This MediaStreamSource allows both Silverlight 4+ OOB and Windows Phone 7 applications to consume a Shoutcast stream using a MediaElement. Currently, Mp3 and AAC+ S...


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