On-Screen Keyboard

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An OnScreen Keyboad that accept both inputs of keyboard and mouse




Related Projects

Psppythonshell - Interactive Python Shell on PSP

This is a easy implementation of the interactive python shell on the Sony PSP. It uses facilities from pspstacklesspython and Python Danzeff On-Screen-Keyboard Usage:run as your normal python script on PSP. (help on running python scripts) "Select" button to toggle OSK. Basic commands of OSK:Analog pad for choosing characters "Triangle", "Circle", "Cross", "Square" for entering characters "Up" for backspace "Down" for clear "Start" for enter "L" and "R" for different character sets

XNA Keyboard Component

An on screen keyboard component that somewhat mimics the new Xbox 360 dashboard on screen keyboard.

Jqosk - An On-Screen Keyboard plugin for jQuery

jQOSK is an on-screen keyboard plugin project for jQuery. On-screen keyboards (OSKs) provide several benefits to users: Accessibility. Users who cannot use physical keyboards because of mobility impairments can use OSKs to interact with Web pages and applications. Convenience. Users at kiosks or other environment without a physical keyboard can use OSKs to provide input to pages and applications. Security. OSKs circumvent the risk of key-logging when entering passwords or other secure data. Whil

Gyanpad - Knowledge Kiosk Web application with on screen keyboards for multiple language support

Application features selection of language and use of on screen keyboard for search of relevent sites like wikipedia.

Mytsoft - My-T-Soft On-Screen keyboard for Windows

On-Screen keayboard with Russian language support. Based on My-T-Soft software package. Designed to Tablet PC as replacement of default MS Windows on-screen keyboards.

Pp-word-predictor - Software that allows users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately a

Right now this is an experimental project as we investigate supporting development of our projects OverviewThis goal of this software is to allow users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately and quickly input text into a computer. This software is intelligent enough to offer suggestions for the user based on context and the characters inputted so far. For implementing the word level prediction, the application reads input text files, that can be all the documents in the users local

Gotube - GoTube

Streaming application for PSP platform use PSPtube core Join the projectWe currently need American developer to code some country-restricted site if you want to be added on GoTube Updater you (only) need : some JavaScript skill a repository or a website to store your .js if you are interested, please, send me your repository/website in the Issues section or directly by email. good luck ;) Manual Downloadif you have any issue using go!tube radio's updater, you can manually perform the install pro


Sleekboard is a slick on-screen-keyboard built on Cairo and X11