Onion Architecture with ASP.NET MVC

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Onion Architecture with ASP.NET MVC




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CK 64 Kernel

This project is a implementation of layers. Use Virtual machines amp; virtual adapters alike an onion! Another operating solution instead of Microsoft Windows Server operating system. It is to be used via remote controlling. The special new quot;Cktool32quot; will make it easy to handle *Ck64Krnl*.


Software module for anonymous communication by means of the onion routing. For more information please have a look at https://www.prime-project.eu/prototypes/anon/


An open-source, privacy-enhancing web browser for iOS, utilizing the Tor anonymity network

Onion - De-duplication tool for text corpora

Onion (ONe Instance ONly) is a tool for removing duplicate parts from large collections of texts. InstallationPrerequisites64-bit CPU architecture libjudy (>=1.0.5) Configuration and installationDownload the sources: wget http://onion.googlecode.com/files/onion-1.1.tar.gzExtract the downloaded file: tar xzvf onion-1.1.tar.gzConfigure the package by editing onion-1.1/Makefile.config: set PREFIX (or INSTALL_BIN and INSTALL_DATA) according to where you want the executables and data (docs) installed

The Onion HTTP Router

Enable onion routing over HTTP, i.e. Tor on HTTP.

Jquery-pngshadow - A plugin for jQuery that wraps png-based drop-shadows around elements

This jQuery plugin aims to wrap elegant, customizable drop-shadows around selected DOM elements. It is for people who are unsatisfied with the onion-skin method of creating drop-shadows in JavaScript. It relies instead on the method published on Position Is Everything


GusNet, the suite which allows to integrate Http services with a minimum coding. Http server, HTTP proxy and TOR access are some of the features included.

Onion-proxy - realisation of onion-proxy

Creating realisation of onion proxy