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Qcurrency - QCurrency Converter

Qcurrency ConverterQcurrency ConverterAbout QcurrencyNewsRequirementsScreenshotsSupported UnitsCurrencyLengthWeightCredits and thanks About QcurrencyQcurrency is a currency converter for international exchange rates. Qcurrency udpates exchange rate data from the internet and stores the information locally for off-line use. Qcurrency, despite its name, can also do all of your Weight and Length conversions. Its has all the common units available for conversion, eg Feet, Inches, Centimetres, Kilogr

Omcutil - oman's utility functions

Functions provided: Misc - arrays, dates, simple execution timer, a MRU (most recently used) set Beans - inspection of POJO bean properties and utility functions I/O - an output interface, a file extension filter, and utility functions Swing - ArrayTableModel, DoubleCellRenderer to specified precision, JTable with Excel style editing, a DefaultMutableTreeNode that lazily creates children when they are needed, MRU files menu, File choosers with preferences, and utility functions

Bawazir - Applications and Gadgets developed by Bawazir Tech

Here are some applications that demonstrate the various products and capabilities of Bawazir Tech. They are in English and Arabic: 1. Gulf Mini Calendar: select a calendar- for example Bahrain, click a day, you will get events taking place on that day. You then will be able to view the full Calendar & use its various functions. 2. The Gulf in A Month: Here events in the selected Gulf region will be dispalyed. Clicking an event will take you to the event description view page of that Calendar. Yo

Ajotie - suomalainen ja täysin erillainen autopeli

Projekti Ajotie.Tekniset tiedot #Kehitetään javalla. #Mahdollista pelata selaimessa. #Ensin 2d myöhemmin ehkä 3d. #Peli on autosimulaattorimainen. Pelimekaniikka #Pelaaja saa ostaa valmiin auton. #Peli ei sisällä oikeita automerkkejä. #Tienattuaan rahaa pelaaja voi rakentaa oman auton. #Parhaimman auton saa itse rakentamalla. #Pelaaja rakentaa oman auton. #Muotoilee itse auton muodon. #Pelaaja pystyy testaamaan auton aerodynamiikkaa tuulitunnelissa #Pelaaja voi valmistaa itse omat radat.

Tvkaista-cli - Command line interface to PVR service

IntroductionEnglish summary: is a PVR (personal video recorder) service with a www interface. This utility is a command line interface for searching, downloading and watching video recordings. on netissä toimiva digiboksipalvelu. Tämä työkalu tarjoaa komentorivikäyttöliittymän tvkaistaan, jolla ohjelmien etsiminen, lataaminen ja myös katsominen käy tehokkaasti komentorivikäskyjen avulla. TVkaistan käyttäminen vaatii maksullisen tunnuksen palveluun. Ominaisuude

Ngosamachar - projects reports-database An Effective Database CD to find new customers and increase sales Useful for Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters, Importers, Agents/ brokers, International traders, Banks, Financial Institutions, Software Companies, Service Providers etc. CD contains following Directories No.\tDirectories\tNo. of companies\tCost 1\tAll India Stock Market Brokers Directory\t21,156\t500/INR 2\tAll India IT (Software & Hardware) Directory\t4,840\t500/INR 3\tDelhi Business Directory\t18,610\t500/IN