trousseau - Networked and encrypted key-value database

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*Trousseau* is an encrypted key-value store designed to be a *simple*, *safe* and *trustworthy* place for your data.It stores data in a single file, encrypted using the openpgp asymmetric encryption algorithm.It can be easily exported and imported to/from multiple remote storages: like S3, an ssh endpoint, gist (ftp, dropbox, and more to come...). It is able to restrict access to the data store to a set of openpgp recipients. Create a *trousseau* data store, specify which *opengpg* recipients are allowed to open and modify it, add some key-value pairs to it, export it to S3 for example, and re-import it on another device: As simple as that.*Secrets are made to be shared, just not with anyone.* Whether you're an admin, a paranoid guy living in a bunker, or a random user who seeks a simple way to store it's critical data in secured manner. *Trousseau* can do something for you.



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