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Related Projects

FTP Search

FTP Scanner, FTP Crawler and web-based interface to search files and browse FTP-servers through database index (offline-browsing). Originally designed for ethernet network segments with anonymously accessing FTP servers to easily find needle files.

Harvestman-crawler - A modular, flexible, extensible, multi-threaded web crawler framework/applicati

HarvestMan is a modular, extensible and flexible web crawler program cum framework written in pure Python. HarvestMan can be used to download files from websites according to a number of customized rules and constraints. It can be used to find information from websites matching keywords or regular expressions. The final goal of the project is to develop a full-fledged semantic personal data mining platform which can be used to retrieve information from the Internet in a highly customizable manne

Xyz-browser - A browser performs better�

A browser based on Gecko,which is the core engine of Firefox; This browser supposed to develop the function of off-line browsing; Besides, we hope to strengthen the performance of semantic data browsing; During the development, we will care for the browser's Human Design.

Arachniweb - A web crawler which searches user-supplied web sites for user-supplied terms.

This is a project which has spawned off of a project that I worked on in the past. It is a web-crawler, which searches the sites that are crawled for search terms. It also can be used as an offline web browser, gathering the page contents as it crawls - that is, if the user desires this behavior.

Offline-Browser - Chrome Extension for Offline Browsing

Chrome Extension for Offline Browsing

OfflineBrowser - Android app to view HTML pages offline.

Android app to view HTML pages offline.