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OfficeManager is a web-based application created in ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server. This system will help go-getters manage their tasks, time and teams. It caters for professional as well as personal projects. Work-Life Balance is what all achievers strive for. This tool might help



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Electricity-board-management - management of office through .net and sql server

The project emphasis on the systematic function of the Electricity board offices and schedule of the work to be done in the office. The project is consolidated with modules like registration, update and overview. The registration module allows the registration of new connection, complaints etc. Update module updates the bill details. Finally, the third module lists the work that is pending on each section. The project has been developed using VB.NET 08 and MS SQL server 2008.

Ahoplaw - Attorney Office Management

A program for small law firms to manage daily operations. We are still in the process of developing the alpha framework.

Starmis - StarCite Office MIS System

End userAll employees in SH Requirement ownerHR, F&A, IT team PurposeReduce the manual work Make the whole process easy and transparent Historic data management RequirementsHave been prioritized in both the main and the sub categories Learning Credit ManagementThe learning activities and processes can be tracked and managed online, such as request, approval, reject, change or other actions. The attendees should be tracked as well. Learning credit points can be tracked. The learning credit submis