Office 365 Log

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SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed solution allowing users to log information from custom SharePoint Online components into a SharePoint list.



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Fontidguide - Font Identification Guide

A showcase of widely-used fonts. Firstly, certain glyphs of each font are displayed in big letters. These glyphs reflect the key characteristics of a font and thus can be used for its identification. Secondly, basic characters are displayed in medium size. Ligatures, oldstyle figures and smallcaps are tested (when available). A short lorem ipsum is provided in normal print size. The book also contains 3 comprehensive indexes (Classification, Glyph detail and Highlight). On the left: latest versi


A Windows Store App that will populate data for Office 365 API services such as mail, calendar, contact and files. The app essentially reads new contacts, mails and calendar events from an XML file and add them to the logged in Office 365 user's account. Existing data on the Office 365 tenant account will not be affected by this app.