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Mvc3-music-store - Asp.net Mvc 3 app

A simple Asp.Net Mvc 3 app using EF Code First. (Entity Framework 4) and exploding Mvc3 upgrades.

Rails4j - Rails-like mvc framework for Java

What is Rails4J ?Rails4J is a very fast and small Java MVC framework : with convention over configuration approach Java-only following most of the Rails principles with minimum external dependencies Rails4J is also optimized for running on Google App Engine (but not only) : application deploys itself in a few seconds (useful to deal with loading requests) DocumentationYou can start with the GettingStarted guide

Pixel-app - simple cms for small sites

pixel app is a rails inspired framework for php4 and php5 with a simple cms built on top of it. sample modules are admin, acl, news, pages, search, and an intake system.


T4MVC is a T4 template for ASP.NET MVC apps that creates strongly typed helpers that eliminate the use of literal strings in many places.

PassCore: A Self-Service AD Password Change Utility

Provides a simple web app that allows users to change their Active directory Password on a responsive, HTML 5 user interface.

Lime-mvc - MVC extension for Google Guice.

Lime MVCI’m a big fan of Spring’s dependency injection, but when I saw Google Guice for the first time, I said wow. It’s so lightweight and simple. There is no XML stress. I started thinking how I could use the Google Guice in my web projects. I guess that everybody agrees with the opinion that the MVC in Spring is very helpful for that kind of projects. Because most of my projects are web based applications, I want my favourite MVC pattern in Google Guice. Unfortunately, the MVC is missin

My-first-app-harbor - Asp.Net MVC 3 template that runs on App Harbor

This is the first app I got running on App Harbor's platform. It is virtually the same as the current Asp.NET MVC3 Web application template. Follow the instructions at App Harbor for getting started: http://support.appharbor.com/kb/getting-started/deploying-your-first-application Once your application is online you will need to follow the instructions below to initialize the database. Otherwise the Log On feature (MembershipServices) will not work. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms2

Ginx - Ginx! Generic Interface for AJAX

Ginx! is a lightweight AJAX application deployment platform that enables rapid development of interactive client-server MVC apps. The developer need only concern himself with defining methods, templates, and HTML element behaviors. The details of sending requests, executing servlet code, and rendering interactive views are all handled by Ginx! Recent updates include: 1) Redesigned AJAX module based on Sergey Ilinsky's standard-compliant cross-browser implementation of XMLHttpRequest. 2) An autoR


Lifebucket MVC4 web app