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NeoDatis ODB

NeoDatis ODB is a new generation Object Oriented Database. ODB is a real native and transparent persistence layer for Java, .Net, Groovy, Scala and Google Android. ODB is very simple and very fast and comes with a powerful query language.

Mdb2odb - A GTK+ utility to export MS Access databases to

mdb2odbCopyright (c) 2009, Fabio Castelli (Muflone) Descriptionmdb2odb is a GTK+ utility to export data tables from MS Access 97/2000/2003 databases to Base. It makes use of mdbtools to export DDL and data from mdb databases.

Spugdb - A python object database (a.k.a. "ODB")

ODB is a lightweight, 100% python object database system. It was originally just a wrapper around Berkeley DB, but it has evolved so that it can support either the Berkeley back-end or its own, pure python back-end (Berkeley support is being phased out).

Organizers Database - Source Code

ODB is database/CRM software designed for smaller nonprofits, now available on Windows. We released ODB in 3/2002 to give grassroots groups easy-to-use, affordable, and high-quality member/donor tracking software. To run ODB, go to

Bpmn-orders - BPMN model

System for work up Orders. It simulate bussiness proces in a bussiness company. We wil programming it in NetBeans using OpenESB technology. Czech only Oficiální zadání:Aktoři: Pracovník dodavatele, Skladník dodavatele, Odběratel Odběratel založí objednávku na zboží v systému dodavatele. Pokud je cena objednaného zboží větší než 100 tisíc korun, musí pracovník dodavatele objednávku schválit, v opa�ném případě je schválena automaticky. U schválené objednávky pro

Neodatis-knowledger - knowledge base engine

NeoDatis Knowledger is a database that stores knowledge. It supports the human way to acquire knowledge in that it enables dynamic and incremental data model modification and data acquisition.Using NeoDatis Knowledger is very simple and no complex installation is required. It is available as a Desktop application or as a Web Application.NeoDatis Knowledger helps you manage your personal and corporate knowledge by providing a simple way to build, share and search your information.

Lightpersist - LightPersist - object database and model management with automatic undo/redo

Why LightPersist? Automatic serialization of object model graphs with replaceable back-end. Management of inter-object constraints and referential integrity. Full support for recurrent transactions. Out of the box support for Undo/Redo in your application. UI Notifications events generation. Lazy object loading. Database schema backward compatibility and auto refactoring (TBD). Ready for object versioning. Ready for real-time collaborative distributed environments. DownloadsUse sidebar at the ri

Objectdinner - NerdDinner with Object Databases

Example projects based on but implemented in multiple platforms using popular ODBMSs (such as db4o) as data backends. OverviewPlease view the presentation. Platform ImplementationsJava Swing Java WebFlow Android ASP.NET MVC DependencyIn addition to the db4o object database, some projects here depend on the db4o-extras project. SupportVisit the objectdinner discussion list.

Tabulasoftmed - Tabula is a REST based java web framework

Tabula is a Java Web Framework, comprised of several subprojects, such as a server and GUI tools. Right now there is a preview version of the server available for Windows and Linux. The framework is based on SOFEA, removing the UI responsibilities from the server to other applications. The server itself deals with business logic and persistence, among other issues. In order to expose this functionality, there is a REST service layer, implemented with the RESTlet library. I've created a simple XM

Pdf-data-explorer - Browse PDF like database grid concempt

Use to convert a PDF file to a ODB datafile and explore qith query tecnique.