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Project providing basic ObjectContext interfaces for quickstart abstraction of ORM frameworks.




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Loef (said "loaf") is a set of utility classes and T4 (.tt) templates to help with setting up a proper data access layer using Entity Framework v4. - Auto generation of DTO classes - Strongly typed eager fetching - Singleton instance of your ObjectContext ready for ASP.NET or WCF

Myextensions - My Extensions library for Microsoft .net (3.5 required)

Extensions library for Microsoft .net FrameworkMyExtensionsCollectionsExtensions, LinqExtensions, NetExtensions, ReflectionExtensions, ResourcesExtensions, StringExtensions, ThumbnailUtility. CryptoHelper MyExtensions.DataEntity Framework ObjectContext & EntityObject Extensions & Utility. ObjectContextExtensions, ObjectDataProvider, EntityDataProvider, EntityObjectExtensions. MyExtensions.WebExtensions for HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, IHttpHandler, HttpHandlers. Data: XmlPersistable.

Entity Framework Runtime Model Adapter

A set of Entity Framework connection and model adapters, allowing the arbitrary adjustment of an ObjectContext model at runtime. This project allows a developer to adjust an Entity Framework schema at runtime when the deployment and development environments differ.

Entity Visualizers

This project has debugger visualizers for several objects in the Entity Framework: EntityObject, EntityCollection, ObjectQuery and ObjectContext. Some of the source code is based on code from Julie Lerman's book "Programming Entity Framework".

DotNetNuke Entity Framework Model Adapter

An ObjectContext adapter allowing DotNetNuke modules using the Entity Framework to automatically apply a runtime database owner and object qualifier. This project enables a commercial DotNetNuke module development path for those who wish to leverage the Entity Framework.

ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator

Generates a strongly-typed Object Context and POCO Entities from your EDMX file. Additionally a Repository and an abstract Unit Test for the Repository is created (with a mock for the ObjectContext and mock for the ObjectSets). Bases on the "ADO.NET C# POCO Entity Generator".

Nhibernate2-unitofwork - NHibernate2 based Infrastructrure with Unit Of Work implementation

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SmartEF is a set of Entity Framework improvements. Interfaced ObjectContext wrapper for mocking and IoC. Linq-to-Sql generics and lambdas style.


SmartEF is a set of Entity Framework improvements. Interfaced ObjectContext wrapper for mocking and IoC. Linq-to-Sql generics and lambdas style.